Husky T-326 Industrial Tricycle Heavy Duty

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    Our Husky T-326 is our number one selling industrial tricycle. The Husky T-326 is our strongest and most durable industrial tricycle with a massive 600 Lbs. carrying capacity. The T-326 come with 26" wheel, extra thick eleven gauge spokes and extra thick heavy duty industrial rims. The T-326 is approximately 2" wider than other trikes making it more stable and safer in the streets and workplace. The T-326 comes with a rear steel basket that is 50% larger than the basket on other model industrial tricycles. The T-326 has a 2-piece steel frame that is connected together using four large heavy duty frame bolts. Husky is the first in the industry to make a tricycle with 25mm rear axle supported with industrial grade pillow block sealed bearings, which gives the T-326 our highest weight capacity. The T-326 ships 65% pre-assembled in two cartons or we are happy to assemble the trike for you and ship 100% assembled.



    Please refer to product owners' manual for details on our warranty policy.

    - Heavy duty hi-tensile and chromoly steel fork and frame
    - Shimano ® coaster brake hub
    - 1/2” x 3/16” heavy duty industrial chain
    - 25mm rear axle with sealed pillow block bearings
    - One-piece forged steel crank set with 4mm thick 36-tooth sprocket.
    - Front and rear wheel hubs with sealed cartridge bearings
    - 11-gauge 36-spoked 26" wheels with steel rims.
    - Front and rear fenders painted in black.
    - Front V-type aluminum brake with safety parking lever
    - Jumbo super comfort Husky cruiser saddle
    - Includes 23” x 17” x 11” chrome-plated steel basket
    - Full reflector mounted in front, rear (mounted on fenders), and wheels.
    - 26 x 2.125 balloon tires
    - Extra thick heavy duty, thorn resistant tubes
    - 30" rear wheel base
    - Weight 84 Lbs
    - Width 31 1/2''
    - Length 71''
    - Saddle to Pedal Min Max 25''- 34 1/2''
    - Step Over Basket Size 16 1/2''
    - Packed in 2 cartons, UPS/FEDEX Ground shippable

    Weight Capacity: 600 lbs., including the weight of rider.

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    Box Size 43 1/2"x12"x28" 50 Lbs.
    Box Size 43"x9"x27" 52 1/2 Lbs.

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    The Husky T-326 is the finest quality Industrial trike in the market. Usually you have to read the whole review or skip to the last paragraph to get the synopsis or the writers opinion of a product but we feel the T-326 is so good we just could not wait with telling you what we thought. There are a number of companies offering Industrial Tricycles and Husky is leading the way. Husky is part of a 100 year old bicycle and parts distribution business in Texas called HLF. HLF distributed Worksman industrial bicycles and tricycle for years but after becoming fed-up with Worksman, HKF decided to come out with their own line of bicycles and tricycles. HLF knew they could offer a much higher quality bicycles and tricycles than they were currently distributing. Husky T-326 trike is their flagship model and carries the highest cargo capacity in the industry with a 600 Lbs weight limit.

    Frame: The frame on the T-326 is TIG welded together in Taiwan, I would have to say the welds are beautiful and of the highest quality in the industry. The frame is constructed out of oversize shaped and manipulated steel tubing with a nice low step through so you can get on and off the trike easily. The frame is made in two pieces and easily bolts together with four bolts.

    Gearing: The Husky T-326 comes stock with a single speed Shimano coaster brake. Shimano is the premium maker of coaster brake hubs and offers the most reliability and serviceability. The coaster brake offers the most reliable way to stop the trike and is preferred by most factories and warehousing users. Husky also offers the T-326 with a three speed coaster brake option. The Chain and front sprocket are both extra thick compared to a standard bike for added durability and reliability.

    Brakes: The front brake is a simple “V” style that is welded to the fork like most bikes on the market today. The front brake comes with some large oversize brake pads which are more than capable of easily stopping the trike.

    Seat: The Seat on the Husky T-326 is and extra wide version that is thickly padded. On the bottom of the seat there is a steel frame for extra durability with a standard bicycle seat post clamp. If the seat is not to your liking, you can easily change it because it uses a standard seat post clamp like most bikes have. The seat attaches to an oversize seat pole that can be adjusted for different riders heights easily.

    Ride: Simply big wheels roll better than smaller wheels and the Husky T-326 come with the larger 26″ wheels whereas most adult trike use 24″ wheels; and the larger wheels offer a smoother ride. Husky also offers a solid tire version for customers who will be riding the trike in factories which may have metal shavings on the floor or other sharp objects that may give you a flat tire. The Husky T-326 is an industrial tricycle and designed for durability, not how smooth it feels over a bump. We found the steering to be light and crisp and to our liking. Husky also offer a trike called the T-124 which come with a 24″ wheel which is slightly more maneuverable due to its smaller size. If you are a large person you may find the distance between the seat and handlebars a bit close, if the seat was changed you could get farther back and away from the handlebars.

    Other Stuff: The T-326 come with a large oversize rear basket and you can get platform or rear lockable cabinet in place of the basket if you wish. The trike come with three fenders, chain guard and a reflector set.

    Pros: Simply the finest quality industrial tricycle on the market. The Husky T-326 has a heavy duty oversize frame that has beautiful quality TIG welds and smooth consistent paint. The rear axle is the thickest in the market which gives the T-326 a 600 Lbs capacity. The large 26″ wheels roll very well and come with super thick eleven gauge heavy duty spokes. Comes with a wide comfortable seat, heavy duty inter tubes and wide puncture resistant tires. The T-326 can be outfitted with a rear basket, platform or lockable cargo box. The T-326 can be shipped unassembled by Fedex or UPS or fully assembled by Semi truck.

    Cons: None, except it is a bit more expensive than other brands.

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    Denver Co

    Perfect Heavy Duty Tricycle

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    This trike has to be the heaviest duty tricycle on the market. Everything about this trike is very well made. I have compared this trike to other brands that are on the market and I feel the Husky T-326 is not only the best quality on fit an finish but has a 100 Lbs higher weight capacity than any other trike. I added a front wheel motor kit to my trike and put the battery inside the basket. The basket is larger than all the other tricycle on the market as well. The rear axle is the thickest on the market and held to the trike frame with two massive pillow block bearings which is better than running the axle through the frame. The trike come with 26x2.125 wide tire and fenders with reflectors built in. The chain and chain ring are extra thick compared to a standard bike chain. I needed an extra strong fork to handle the torque of my motor kit and the T-326 fork has held up fine. Wheels take a lot of punishment on a trike and that is where most people will have a problem. The wheel on the T-326 are very heavy duty, both the spokes and rim are extra thick and the bearings are all sealed. If you need a heavy duty tricycle I feel this is the tricycle to buy.

    Cleavland, OH

    Husky Shop Trike

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    Bought this husky a few weeks ago for hualing my tools around the shop. I ordered my trike with a platform on the back so I could carry my tool box around. I highly reccomend getting the solid tires, they have saved me from getting flats around all of the metal shavings on the ground. So far I havent had any issues with this trike holding up on the job.