How to receive your shipment
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How to Receive Shipments

When the delivery truck arrives at your property with your shipment, follow these steps:

If your delivery is being shipped by truck, the driver's responsibility is to place the product at the back of the truck or semi-truck trailer. It is your responsibility to unload it from the back of the truck or trailer. However, trucking companies offer a lift gate service where they will transfer your delivery to a special truck equipped with a lift gate and lower it to the ground for you.

Most of our shipments weigh under 125 lbs, and typically, one or two people should be able to lift the item off the truck or trailer without assistance. The lift gate service incurs an additional fee, usually around $65.00, depending on the trucking company. If you desire the lift gate service, it must be prearranged and noted on your invoice. Feel free to contact us if you have any doubts or inquiries.

The driver will give you a delivery slip to sign. DO NOT SIGN, yet.

Inspect your shipment. Look at the outside of the box. Is the box damaged? Open the inside of the box. Is your trike damaged? Please be as thorough as you can be. The driver will not give you a lot of time.

If there is any damage to the box or trike, MAKE NOTE of it on the delivery slip. Be as specific as you can. If there is a hole in the box, mention the size and location. Pictures are a great help.

If there is any damage to the trike, there are basically two scenarios. Either there is minor damage or there is major damage. Let’s say your trike is delivered. Everything looks fine. Except you ordered fenders and one of the fenders is bent. In this situation, it would be best to note this on the delivery slip and accept the shipment. We can easily send you a new fender (of course at no extra charge). On the other hand, if the top of the box is crushed and the top tube of the frame is gouged along with other problems, then REFUSE SHIPMENT. If there is damage, and you are not sure what to do, call us for advice.

Once you have inspected your shipment. Then sign the delivery slip. Again, mark the delivery slip with any concerns before you sign. If you sign the delivery slip without any comments, then you are signing the delivery as “CLEAR”.

The driver will give you a copy of the delivery slip.

Please save all of the packaging, until you know you are satisfied with your order.


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