Trailmate Hefty Hauler Industrial Trike
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Trailmate Hefty Hauler Trike

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    Hand Made in the USA

    The Trailmate Hefty Hauler industrial tricycle is one of our most popular Industrial Tricycles. Not only is the Trailmate Hefty Hauler popular with factories and warehouses but also popular with larger heavier riders. The Hefty Hauler has an extra wide deluxe seat that is supported with a rear support bar for extra seat capacity. The frame in the Hefty Hauler is made of extra thick square stock steel and the rear wheel use welded spokes for extra reliability. The Hefty Hauler has one of the largest platforms measuring 24" x 26" for carrying just about anything you can imagine. Trike ships partially assembled or we can ship 100% assembled.


    500 pound maximum load capacity

    Easy assembly, stable construction, low maintenance

    Coaster brake (rear) and V-brake (front)

    Extra large, adjustable seat

    Solid rear axle for maximum strength

    Heavy-duty steel-zinc plated rims with 0.150 heavy-guage spokes

    Roomy 24" x 26" flat bottom

    Heavy-duty chain guard

    Parking brake

    Safety flag


    Size: 45" H x 79" L x 33.5" W

    Weight Capacity: 500lbs.

    Heavy-gauge spokes: 0.105 front, 0.150 rear

    Seat Adjustment: 25" to 33" (seat to pedal)


    3-Speed coaster brake kit

    Front and/or rear baskets

    Locking diamond plate aluminum cargo box

    Adjustable Seat Back

    Puncture resistant tires and tubes

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    Hefty Hauler Manual

    24"-Unassembled and boxed: 97 Pounds/34x14x59 
    24" Assembled and palletized: 125 Pounds/48x40x84

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    Trailmate Hefty Hauler Review on February 5, 2019

    Trailmate have been building quality adult tricycles since 1977 in Bradenton Florida. I know the Harry, the owner at Trailmate, very well and talk to him on a regular basis. About ten years ago, Trailmate was making some upgrades to their factory and adding a new paint line. I asked Harry why he would go through all that trouble rather than just have his tricycle made in Taiwan or China like so many other companies do. Harry said that he did not want to live with a suit case in his hand. If you have your products made somewhere else, you have to be there all the time to monitor the quality.

    Harry went on to say that sure, you can make more money by having your products made in China, but that’s not what he wanted to do and not what Trailmate is about. Harry is easily at the age that he could retire but he is an entrepreneur and business is in his blood. I think he really enjoys working and making trikes, and I think it gives him a purpose in life.

    Frame: The frame on the Hefty Hauler is TIG welded together in Florida and has a 500 Lbs. capacity. It’s easily put together by bolting the rear section to the front by using four bolts. The Hefty Hauler set itself apart in many ways from other Industrial Tricycles. The Hefty Hauler has the largest rear cargo platform area of any Industrial tricycle and the frame on the Hefty Hauler is also longer than other brands giving riders more room between the seat and handlebars.

    Paint: Trailmate has it own paint department. The standard colors for the Hefty Hauler are Industrial Yellow and Gloss Black. Trailmate can do custom colors for an up charge on the Hefty Hauler. The paint is a powder coat and is applied extra thick on the Hefty Hauler, the quality is equal to better than other Industrial tricycles on the market.

    Gearing: The stock drivetrain on the Hefty Hauler is a Coaster Brake. Most factory and industrial users prefer the Coaster Brake because it adds a level of safety for the rider. Trailmate also offers a three speed coaster brake kit which is a nice addition if you have to ride up a ramp or hill.

    Braking: The Hefty Hauler uses a “V” style front brake which is welded to the fork of the trike. The “V” brake comes with oversize brake pads and can stop the trike more than sufficiently.

    Seat: Hefty Hauler’s seat is a huge oversize seat with a rear support bar that bolts directly to the frame. For large heavier riders this is the best option for a seat.

    Ride: We like the ride on the Hefty Hauler. The cranks are positioned a bit farther forward which gives the Hefty Hauler a more recreational feel and adds stability. While moving the cranks farther forward helps stability, it also makes riding the trike standing a bit more awkward. The Hefty Haulers most popular wheel size is the 26” but it is also available in 24” wheels.

    Wheels: Trailmate uses heavy duty wheels that the spokes are welded directly to the hub and rim. Trailmate has been using these wheels for years and have proven to be very reliable. A popular option is a tire liner to help prevent flat tires or solid tires.

    Other Stuff: The Hefty Hauler is available with the largest rear cabinet on the market. It is made of diamond plate of aluminum so it does not rust and has a lockable clasp.

    Pros: The Hefty Hauler is safe, durable and stable it provides a confident reassuring ride and is a well built trike. The Hefty Hauler features a reliable one piece crank, Sealed Pillow block rear axle bearings, extra wide seat with a support bar. Its frame is longer than other brands and is TIG welded together. The paint is high quality and will look good for years. You also got to love that it is made in USA.

    Cons: Even though the Hefty Hauler has a 500 Lbs weight capacity the rear axle is not as thick as some other brands.