Trailmate Hefty Hauler Industrial Trike

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    The Trailmate Hefty Hauler industrial tricycle is one of our most popular Industrial Tricycles. Not only is the Trailmate Hefty Hauler popular with factories and warehouses but also popular with larger heavier riders. The Hefty Hauler has an extra wide deluxe seat that is supported with a rear support bar for extra seat capacity. The frame in the Hefty Hauler is made of extra thick square stock steel and the rear wheel use welded spokes for extra reliability. The Hefty Hauler has one of the largest platforms measuring 24" x 26" for carrying just about anything you can imagine. Trike ships partially assembled or we can ship 100% assembled.


    500 pound maximum load capacity

    Easy assembly, stable construction, low maintenance

    Coaster brake (rear) and V-brake (front)

    Extra large, adjustable seat

    Solid rear axle for maximum strength

    Heavy-duty steel-zinc plated rims with 0.150 heavy-guage spokes

    Roomy 24" x 26" flat bottom

    Heavy-duty chain guard

    Parking brake

    Safety flag


    Size: 45" H x 79" L x 33.5" W

    Weight Capacity: 500lbs.

    Heavy-gauge spokes: 0.105 front, 0.150 rear

    Seat Adjustment: 25" to 33" (seat to pedal)


    3-Speed coaster brake kit

    Front and/or rear baskets

    Locking diamond plate aluminum cargo box

    Adjustable Seat Back

    Puncture resistant tires and tubes

    Box Size 33"x14"x59"

    Box Weight 98 Lbs

    Hefty Hauler Manual

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    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
    North Carolina

    Nice Seat

    <p>So I bought the Hefty Hauler over other industrial tricyles for two reasons. First was the seat, It is supported better than other brand of industrial tricycles because it comes with an extra bar that support the back of the seat to the frame. This was important to me because I am very large and have had problems with bicycle seat and seat poles in the past. Second was that the Hefty Hauler come with the largest platform area which allows me to carry the most stuff. Other things that are worth mentioning are the Hefty Hauler come with a 500 Lbs Capacity and large 26” wheels. The tricycle has a very nice ride to it. I did purchase the three speed kit and I am glad I did so because the tricycle is heavy and the three speeds gives me some option when I get to a hill. I am pleased with the build quality and the paint job is good enough with no thin spots.</p>

    Cleveland Ohio

    Big trike for a big Lady

    <p>I am very please with my Hefty Hauler. I am on the heavy side and over the weight limit of the recreational trikes on the market. I was directed to the Hefty Hauler because it has a 500 Lbs weight capacity and an extra large seat. The seat is the largest seat that I have ever seen and is very sturdy. I like that the seat has a rear bar for extra support. I purchased my trike with the three speed option which I am glad that I did. I also added tire liners to the tires and extra thick intertubes because I am scared of getting a flat tire and being away from home. I also added a rear basket so I can ride my trike to the grocery store to pick up food and things. I have lost twenty five pounds since I started riding my trike and would like to loose seventy five more. The trike is well made and has a nice ride to it.</p>


    Getting back in shape

    I am a large women and needed a trike to start getting back in shape. I was directed to the Trailmate Hefty Hauler because I need a higher weight capacity than a traditional recreational trike has. I have bad knees so I added a motor kit to give me some help on the hills or if I get to far away and need some help getting home. I like that the Heft Hauler has an extra wide seat and big wheel which make it roll fairly easily. I was told that the Hefty Hauler has a longer distance between the seat and the front of the trike which will fit me better than some other brands of trikes. I like that the trike has a large rear platform, I have added a basket to the rear of my trike so I can carry groceries and I am planning on adding a small front basket to the front. I got my trike in the yellow to be more visible and added two flags and a flashing rear light. I have been very happy with my trike.