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    The EZ-3 USX HD provides all the stability and control available in recumbent trike technology while offering a little more thrill. And when we say HD we mean heavy duty, with 110 psi tires, 48 spoke wheels with double-wall rims, this trike will handle 400 pounds. Setting this trike apart from others is its low center of gravity attained by three 20-inch wheels that are cambered in the rear to increase cornering stability. Also, the EZ-3 USX HD offers powerful brakes on all three wheels, mid-frame suspension and under-the-seat steering. The EZ-3 USX HD might not be for the superhuman daredevil, but it is quite perfect for the casual to intermediate rider, and perfect for sunny days on the bike path or zooming down the boardwalks. The EZ-3 USX features Direct Steering, the new Slotted Seat adjustment system, and rattle-free and infinite-adjust seat struts.

    • Wheel Base: 59.5" (151cm)
    • Overall Length: 78" (198cm)
    • Width: 32" (81cm)
    • Seat Height: 18" (45cm)
    • Weight: 65lbs
    • Weight Limit: 400lbs
    • X-Seam: 36-47"


    EZ3 USX HD Main Frame, Custom Steel, TIG-Welded
    Left Frame
    EZ3 USX HD LH Main Frame Section, Custom Steel, TIG-Welded
    Front Frame
    EZ3 USX HD Front Frame, Custom Steel, TIG-Welded
    Frame Bearing
    Frame Pivot Bearing, 32x12mm
    EZ3 USX HD Shock, KS-261, 150mm
    Frame Pivot Bolt
    Frame Pivot Bolt, 12mm
    1-1/8" High Tensile Steel for USX HD, D-Blade w/Steer Tab
    Front Shifter
    SRAM 3.0 3-Speed Grip Shift
    Rear Shifter
    SRAM 3.0 7-Speed Grip Shift
    Front Derailleur
    Microshift FD-M22, DP, 31.8
    Rear Derailleur
    SRAM X3
    Sunrace (7-Speed) 14-34T
    Freewheel Adapter
    Freewheel Adapter Threaded
    Crank Set
    Alloy, 3-Piece, 170x52/42/32T
    Bottom Bracket
    Sealed Cartridge, 68 x 118mm
    K.M.C. Z51 1/2 x 3/32'' (216 Links)
    Chain Tube
    Guide Tube
    Chain Tube Bracket
    Double Spring w/Hardware
    Chain Tube Clamp
    Clamp w/Hardware
    Resin Body w/Alloy Cage, 9/16"
    Front Brake
    Alloy, Linear Pull, Black
    Rear brake
    Promax DSK-400 Disc w/160mm Rotor
    Steel Integrated, 28.6x44x30mm, Black
    Rear Headset
    Steel, 28.6x34x30mm Threadless for Underseat Steering
    Alloy, Recumbent, Underseat
    Right Handlebar
    Right Handlebar Extension USX 22.2mm
    Left Handlebar
    Left Handlebar Extension USX 22.2mm
    Alloy, Threadless, 28.6 x70mm x25deg x25.4mm Clamp, Black
    Kraton Rubber-Gel, 75mm, 2-Tone Black/Grey
    Front Brake Lever
    Linear Pull w/Lock, Black/Silver
    Rear Brake Lever
    Linear Dual Pull, Black/Silver
    Recumbent, w/Tri-Stitch Cover
    Front Hub
    Alloy, 48H x 14G with Q/R Axle, Black
    Rear Hub
    Alloy, 48H x 14G with 14mm Bolt-On Axle, Black, For F/W, Disc Compatible
    Front Rim
    Alloy, Double Wall 20'' x 48H x 14G, Black
    Rear Rim
    Alloy, Double Wall 20'' x 48H x 14G, Black
    14G Stainless Steel with Brass Nipples, Black
    Front Tire
    Maxxis Hook Worm 20 x 1.95", 110psi
    Rear Tire
    Maxxis Hook Worm 20 x 1.95", 110psi
    Replacement Parts
    Rear Unit Hardware
    Rear Unit Hardware Kit
    Head/Derailleur Tube Cap
    Head/Derailleur Tube Cap
    Steering Linkage
    USX HD Silver
    Left Rod End
    Left Hand Thread
    Right Rod End
    Right Hand Thread
    Left Rear Axle
    Rear Axle Left Side USX
    Right Rear Axle
    Rear Axle Right Side USX
    Locking Axle Collar
    Locking Axle Collar & Spacer EZ3/X3 USX
    Internal Snap Ring
    Rear Axle Internal Snap Ring USX 2"
    Axle Bearing
    Rear Unit Axle Bearing 20id x42od x9w EZ3 USX HD
    Axle Retaining Bolt
    Rear Axle Retaining Bolt/Cap USX RH Sml
    Axle Retaining Nut
    Rear Axle Retaining Bolt/Cap USX LH Lrg
    Hub Retaining Bolt
    Trike Hub Ret Bolt/Cap for Square or Tapered, Black
    Seat Mesh
    Cool Back Seat Mesh
    Seat Back
    Cool Back Steel w/Dual Bottle Mounts
    Seat Cover
    Tri-Stitch, Permanent
    Seat Mount
    Steel for 31.8mm TT
    Seat Mount Binder
    QR M6x88mm Alloy, XL Lever
    Seat Back Pivot Bolt
    10mm, Chrome
    Upper Strut
    Steel 150mm Black
    Upper Strut Bolt
    Upper Strut Washer
    Curved Nylon Washer
    Lower Strut
    Steel, Pin Type, 700mm Universal
    Lower Strut Slide Bolt
    Lower Strut Bolt and Nut
    Strut Peg QR
    Steel Pin, QR
    Bottom Bracket Cover
    Shell Cover Black
    65 Lbs.

    Reviewed by

    Sun Seeker EZ-3 USX HD Review on December 17, 2020

    Every trike has it place and every person can find the perfect trike for their needs by doing their homework. The Sun Seeker EZ-3 USX HD can be the perfect trike for someone who is mobility challenged or over 300 pounds. The HD at the end of the USX name stand for Heavy Duty and that is exactly what this trike is all about. Sun Bicycle, the manufacture of the USX HD, is the largest manufacture of adult triycles in the world and have been building quality trikes for over fifty years. Sun trikes are at the lower end of the market cost wise compared to other brands yet still offer good quality.

    Frame: The frame is TIG welded together out of steel and is heavy and a bit overbuilt compared to other trikes on the market. The USX HD is capable of carrying very heavy loads; you should have no worries about the durability of this frame no matter how heavy the rider.

    Paint: Any color you want as long as it is silver. The paint is more than adequate, sprayed on evenly with a nice finish. The paint should last the life of the trike even if you live in a harsh weather environment.

    Drive Train: The Drivetrain is a 21 speed Shimano with a grip type shifter. The Drivetrain is an entry level Shimano and works adequately for an entry level rider.

    Brakes: The Sun USX HD has unique brake system where the right brake lever controls both the rear brakes. The rear brakes are discs that are attached to each wheel. The left brake lever controls the front brake and both brake levers have a parking lock. For people with special needs the brakes can be switched from left to right or if someone just prefers to have the rear brakes controlled by their left hand it can easily be switched. The brake have good stopping power and stop the trike sufficiently while not making the trike pull to one side or the other.

    Seat: People find the seat on the Sun USX HD very much to there liking. The bottom is very wide and uses a very nice soft gel material. The seat back is independent from the bottom so the back can be positioned very upright if someone so desires. The seat back is made from a very breathable mesh so your back should not get hot and sweaty.

    Wheels: This is where most problems happen with trikes. The Sun USX HD wheels are exceptional, and I will go so far as to say that they are the strongest recumbent wheels on the market period. The Sun wheels have 48 spokes per wheel whereas most trikes have 32 or 36 spokes per wheel. The rims on the Sun USX HD are also wider and heavier duty than rims on other brand trikes. Sun also chose a premium tire the Maxis Hookworm which is wider and more durable than most tires used on other trikes. The Hookworn tire has a smooth tread to improve the roll of the trike an can be inflated all the way up to 110 Psi. Sun also chose a heavier duty rear axle which can withstand significantly more punishment than standard diameter axles.

    Ride: The Sun USX rear wheels are chamfered giving the trike increase stability when turning corners. The USX frame is hinged in the middle with a shock absorber which smooths out the ride considerably over a rigid frame. The trike handled well and the steering had a light feel to it. I am sure Sun Seeker had a target person in mind when they were designing this trike. The trike can fit people and X-Seam between 36 and 47 inches.

    In conclusion: I think this trike could be a good choice for someone over 300 Lbs. If you weigh less than 300 Lbs you should probably look at some lighter more efficient trikes.

    Pros: Full Suspension, Strong, Durable, dependable, comfortable and built to last.

    Cons: Heavy and slow, handlebars feel a bit awkward on the placement if the seat is in a very upright position. Not stable on down hill compared to a tadpole style trike.