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The Worksman PAV-3 Has been discontinued

Please check out our new preferred alternative to the PAV-3, The Higher quality RS Stretch

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    The Worksman PAV3 is an ergonomic marvel! Designed to be one of the strongest adult tricycle on the market, the PAV3 incorporates contemporary style with classic proven features. Its semi-recumbent design allows you to sit back, relax and have fun and get great exercise at the same time. With its fully adjustable, richly padded high back seat and optional fold down armrests, the PAV3 is like a couch with wheels. The frame features a sliding seat track, making the seat easy to adjust with no tools required. The rims are 50% thicker than standard bicycle rims and the spokes are heavy duty 11gauge, normally found on motorcycles. The rear axle is extra thick, 7/8" steel which allows the PAV3 to be able to carry up to 500 Lbs. The front wheel has an integrated motorcycle style drum brake with a locking parking hand brake lever. Riding is made easier because when you lean back into the seat, you use all the power in your legs, back and stomach together. The PAV comes standard with a sure-stop coaster brake, front drum brake and rear carrier basket 21x15x9, it is truly one of our best tricycles on the market for heavier riders. Shown with optional armrests and bar end mirrors. Minimum Inseam measurement 24".

    Note-- We find that for riders over 300 pounds and taller than 5'5", the stretched Frame Option is more desirable for greater comfort.

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    Industrial Grade Trike

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    This is a review for the Worksman PAV 3 trike. It is fun to ride. It's forte is comfort and durability. It gets it's durability from heavy frame, seat and wheels. Comfort is the result of a well cushioned seat with excellent backrest. The drive train is highlighted by a slick shifting Shimano Nexus rear hub. Chains are standard bicycle weight. Couple of issues. The shifter is located on the upright of the tiller style handlebars which is hard to reach and can be dangerous because the rider has to take his or her hand off the grip and reach over the handlebar to change gears. I find the front brake lever/parking brake to be of very low quality. It does however provide adequate leverage for the excellent front drum brake. The rear brake is an internal coaster brake that is adequate in power. Another issue is the use of cable ties to route the cables. No braze or cable stops.

    Riding this trike is best enjoyed at a slower pace. Care must be taken when cornering and when riding on streets with a high crown causing a leaning situation that makes the rider feel top heavy. Hills are a challenge that require strong legs.

    I rate the PAV 3 highly because it succeeds in accomplishing what it was designed for at what I consider a reasonable price.

    Madison Wisconsin

    Heavy Duty Trike

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    <p>I am thankful that Worksman produces a trike that is sturdy enough to support people like me. I weight 450 Lbs and it is the only recreational trike I found that has a weight rating of up to 500 Lbs. The trike has comfortable, well-padded seat that I ordered with arm rests. I was told that I should get the three speed kit which I ordered. I really wanted something with twenty one speed and would even be willing to settle for less speeds that that but I have found that the three speed is really just not enough gears to choose from. When I get to a hill I need some easier pedaling gears because it is just too difficult to get up the hills with only three speeds. I thought I weighed a lot but this trike is extremely heavy and I am sure it is adding to my difficulty pedaling this trike.</p>

    Orlando Florida

    Right for someone just not me

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    My Review of my PAV-3. I am a fifty nine year old women and wanted a simple trike for riding around my neighborhood. What attracted me to the PAV-3 was the looks, I liked the big wide seat with the armrest and the simple stop with your feet rear brake which I am use to. This trike might be perfect for someone but just not me. I have found the trike to just be too heavy requiring too much energy to pedal. I still prefer the design of two wheel In back and one in front but I will be selling my PAV-3. I will be purchasing a lighter weight trike now with more gears and hand brakes. My husband purchased a Greenspeed Anura and my friend has a True Quest trike and after riding both of their trike I know I had made a bad decision and am looking forward to a new lighter trike.