Husky Cruise Master Recreational Tricycle with ultra low step over
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Cruise Master Tricycle

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    The Cruise Master low step through frame makes this tricycle one of the easiest tricycles to get on and off of on the market. The reinforced steel frame offer a very comfortable ride whever you may be going. The Cruise Master comes with an extra larger rear basket, a seat with springs and matching fenders with reflectors for safty. The Cruise Master is loved by Seniors and people with mobility problems.

    Classic adult tricycle with newly designed step-through frame offering smooth and comfortable ride.

    Frame and fork: Tig welded high-tensile steel.
    Handlebar: 11" high-rise chrome plated steel.
    Front brake: V-type cantilever with safety parking lock lever.
    Rear Brake: Coaster brake (foot brake)
    Crank: One-piece hot forged chrome-plated with 12-piece bearing cup set
    Pedals: Non-slip platform pedals, black resin body with 1/2" steel spindle
    Saddle: Cruiser style, double-spring 10" x 8-3/4"
    Wheels: 24" alloy rim with 14-guage plated spokes with steel hubs. Rear hub has sealed cartridge bearings
    Tires: 24 x 1.75 black with white side-wall
    Fenders: Full front and rear painted steel fenders. Rear fenders come with reflectors.
    Chain Guard: Painted steel, full cover.
    Reflectors: Safety reflectors on all wheels, rear fenders, front frame, and pedals
    Basket: Rear basket, painted steel, 22" x 16" x 10"
    Fully assembled, shipped on a boxed pallet by truck.

    Total Gross Weight (including packing): 125 lbs.
    Net Weight: 65 lbs.
    Total weight capacity (including rider): 350 lbs

    Overall Dimensions: 73"L x 32"W x 42"H
    Shipping Dimensions: 78"L x 36"W x 42"H

    - Assembled units are shipped on a boxed pallet. Handlebar, optional front basket, and certain other optional accessories are partially assembled to allow for safe transportation. Please call us if you have any questions regarding assembled units.

    Made in Taiwan

    Review By

    The Husky Cruise Master is one of the finest quality recreational trike in the market. Usually you have to read the whole review or skip to the last paragraph to get the synopsis of the writers opinion of a product, but the Cruise Master is such a nice trikes we feel we just could not wait with telling you what we thought. There are a number of companies offering Recreational tricycles and Husky is one of the companies leading the way.
    Husky is part of a 100 year old bicycle and parts distribution business in Texas called HLF. HLF distributed Worksman industrial bicycles and tricycle for years but after becoming fed-up with Worksman quality and poor business ethics, HLF decided to come out with their own line of bicycles and tricycles. HLF knew they could easily offer a much higher quality bicycles and tricycles than the Worksman Tricycles they were currently distributing.
    Huskys primary focus is on heavy but industrial tricycles and bicycles but there is plenty of demand for lighter weight, quality, recreational tricycles.

    Frame: The frame on the Cruise Master is TIG welded together in Taiwan. I would have to say the welds are beautiful and of the highest quality in the industry. The frame is constructed out of oversize shaped and manipulated steel tubing with, I believe, the lowest step over height on the market of only 8”.
    The Cruise Masters nice low step through makes it easier for mobility challenged people to get on and off the trike easily and safely. Four bolts holds the two pieces of the frame together. The Cruise Master is rated for 350 Lbs. (rider with cargo).

    Gearing: The Husky Cruise Master comes stock with a single speed Shimano coaster brake. Shimano is the premium maker of coaster brake hubs and offers the most reliability and serviceability. Coaster brakes offer the most reliable way to stop the trike and are preferred by most recreational tricycle riders. Husky also offers the Cruise Master with a three speed coaster brake option.

    Brakes: The front brake is a simple “V” style that is welded to the fork like most bikes on the market today. The front brake comes with some large, oversize, brake pads which are more than capable of easily stopping the trike. There is a parking brake on the brake lever so you can park your trike and not have it roll away.

    Seat: The seat on the Husky Cruise Master is extra wide (13”) with springs and has nice thick padding. On the bottom, there are two steel rails and a seat clamp so you can easily adjust the seats forward and backward position and change the seat tilt. If the seat is not to your liking, you can easily change it because it uses a standard seat post clamp like most bikes have. The seat attaches to an oversize seat pole that can be adjusted for different riders heights.

    Ride: I will have to say the ride in the Husky is pretty typical for a recreational style tricycle. We found the steering to be light and crisp and to our liking. The Cruise Master has a longer, larger, feel, with the distance between the seat and handlebars a bit longer than most trikes. It is a nice benefit if you are tall or larger person.

    Other Stuff: The Cruise Master come with a large oversize rear basket measuring 22” x 16” x 10”, painted fenders and chain guard to match the frame, reflector set, stainless steel spokes and aluminum rims.

    Pros: Simply one of the finest quality recreational tricycle on the market. The Husky Cruise Master has a super low step over frame, coaster brake, and is built with quality parts not like the trikes you see on Amazon or other on-line retailers. Replacement parts can be acquired at your local bike shop or directly from the manufacture.
    The frame is heavy duty and slightly oversized with beautiful quality TIG welds and smooth consistent paint. The wheels have stainless steel spokes and aluminum rims along with aluminum hubs. It comes with a wide comfortable seat. The Cruise Master can be shipped unassembled by Fedex or UPS or fully assembled by Semi truck.

    Cons: The Cruise Master is a bit more expensive than other brands and the paint chipped a little easier than we expected.