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Trailmate Hefty Hauler

Trailmate Hefty Hauler Trike (TRAILMATEHEFTYHAULER)

5.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
The Trailmate Hefty Hauler industrial tricycle is one of our most popular Industrial Tricycles. Not only is the Trailmate Hefty Hauler popular with factories and warehouses but also popular with larger heavier riders. The Hefty Hauler has an extra...

Perfect Fit for Me

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I need a heavy duty tricycle because I am a heavy individual. I called the people at Industrialbicycles and told them what I was looking for and what I had my eye on. The trike I was looking at purchasing was simply the incorrect tricycle for my needs. After talking to the sales person I was recommend to look at the Trailmate Hefty Hauler. The trike has worked out perfectly for me. The trike is longer than other trike from the seat to the handlebars. The trike fits me much better than other tricycles I have tried. The seat was a big deal to me, the seat is extra large and supported on three corners. My old trike the seat was always spinning on the seat post or slipping down. With supporting the seat on three corners all those problems have gone away. The trike has a very large platform which is a bit over kill for my needs but for someone looking to carry a lot of thins it would be fantastic. I added a 21"x15"x9" rear basket and still have lot of room left over. I chose the 26" wheel option so I could get the best roll out of the tricycle. The tricycle is well made and come with a 500 Lbs capacity. Can you actually believe the it is made in the USA, I think that is fantastic.