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ZEFAL ZB Clean Brush
Price: $12.50
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 Newly redesigned multi use brush Dual material handle is ergonomic and grippy Built in scraper stores in handle when not being used Cleaning Brush 1193

ZEFAL ZB Wash Twist
Price: $10.20
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 The ZB Twist is a double-headed brush with nylon fibers which is ideal for getting out mud and dirt from the pedals, spokes or disc brakes Brushed can be rotated and adjusted for use with multiple angles and applications Cleaning brush Black 1194

ZEFAL ZB Wash+Twist+Clean Brush Set
Price: $40.46
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 3 piece set of Zefal`s cleaning brushed perfect for all parts of the bike The Clean brush is ideal for chains, derailleurs, freewheels and cassettes with built in scraper for stubborn build up The Twist brush features a twin head design with stiffer bristles for cleaning dried mud or stubborn grime off pedals, chainrings, and more The Wash brush is a general purpose large brush with soft bristles for overall frame cleaning Cleaning Brush Red/Black 1197 ...