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Item #: 610738
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    About This Item

  •  Part # 610738
  •  Model : WHEELS MANUFACTURING Double-Ended Bottom Bracket Socket
  •  Supplier Part # BBTOOL-48-44
  •  TOOL BB WOB SOCKET 16-NOTCH 48.5/44mm
  •  Double-sided socket tool for installing and removing both 48.5mm and 44mm 16-notch bottom bracket cups
  •  48.5mm, 16-notch pattern matches up with Wheels Mfg bottom brackets, along with some FSA MegaEVO bottom brackets
  •  The 44mm, 16-notch side matches up with Wheels Mfg bottom brackets, along with many other outboard bearing bottom brackets including Shimano, FSA MegaEXO, Campagnolo Ultra Torque and SRAM/Truvativ
  •  Socket is machined for 1/2` drive, but a 3/8` to 1/2` adapter is included to be compatible with 3/8` drive torque wrenches
  •  Compatible with all Wheels Manufacturing bottom brackets and others
  •  Bottom Bracket Socket
  •  Red
  •  48.5/44mm 16-notch
  •  BBTOOL-48-44
  •  1/2` or 3/8`
  • UPC/EAN/GTIN: 811079024558