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    The OPair is a wheelchair bike with which you can transport a wheelchair user. A seat for the wheelchair user/passenger is affixed to the front of the bike. From the back, the cyclist has an overview on the road and view on the passenger. On the split frame version, the front part is easy to remove from the cycling component, which enables use as a wheelchair on location. The slightly angled front wheels provide increased driving comfort and stability. The OPair wheelchair bike has a modern design.

    The depth adjustable seat of the OPair can be set to the passenger's measurements as well as the angle adjustable back rest and expandable side rests. There are also options for side rests, making the bike suitable for both children and small adults. The comfortable seat for the passenger has an accessible entry. The bike can be altered completely with a variety of options. A personal seat can be affixed to the bike. The optional electric motor provides support while cycling.

    If you choose an optional electric pedal assist, it will be delivered as a smart e-bike. It allows you to view a lot of information about your battery and smart e-bike from a distance. For example, you can use the app to view your cycling routes and change your cycling settings.


    SKU 383-0000
    Average range (default battery) 57 km
    Min-max range (default battery) 38 - 92 km
    Inside leg length (adjustable) 80-95 cm
    Frame size (adjustable) 52 cm
    Boarding height back 45 cm
    Weight Without electrical system: 58 kg
    Max. cycle length 214 cm
    Max. cycle width 76 cm
    Wheel size front 20"
    Wheel size back 26"
    Brakes front Hydraulic brakes
    Brakes back V-brakes
    Standard color (adjustable) (RAL 7031) Blue grey matt
    Max. User weight driver 120 kg
    Max. User weight passenger 120 kg
    Price € 4.550 (From, excl. VAT and shipping)
    Standard including Lightning, lock, bell, parking brake etc

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    USA3F is a stocked trike withing the USA. The Opair Basic is not stocked and ships from the Netherlands.

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    USA Stock Packages

    (Items in orange can be added to stock packages)

    SKU Item MSRP

    383-USA3F OPair USA 3F $12,415

    383-0000 OPair incl. lights, lock, parking brake

    383-0003 Standard frame size 52 cm

    383-1071 8-Speed freewheel hydraulic brakes (frontside)

    383-2180 Silent electric HT 8-speed derailleur incl. lighting

    383-0010 Divisible frame

    383-3222 (RAL 7031) Blue grey matt

    383-8020 SmartGuard Tires (front + back)

    Custom Order

    SKU Basic Model MSRP

    383-0000 OPair incl. lights, lock, parking brake $6,650

    SKU Frame / Frame Components MSRP

    383-0003 Standard frame size 52 cm $0

    383-0011 Not divisible (no wheelchair function) $0

    383-0010 Divisible frame $1,675

    SKU Drive / Gear MSRP

    383-1071 8-Speed freewheel hydraulic brakes (frontside) $0

    383-1072 8-Speed back-pedal-brake $115

    SKU Pedal Assistance / Battery MSRP Dealer

    383-2180 Silent electric HT 8-Speed derailleur incl. lighting $3,680

    383-2168 Extra battery pack, 13,6,Ah (490 Wh) $1,175

    SKU Frame Color MSRP

    383-3222 (RAL 7031) Blue grey matt $0

    383-3212 (RAL 7047) Telegrey matt $105

    383-3232 (RAL 6034) Pastel turquoise $105

    383-3299 Special colour (RAL colour) $225

    SKU Holders / Adapters MSRP Dealer

    383-8010 Adaptor for child seat (for Yepp seat) $260

    SKU Baskets / Bags / Carriers MSRP

    383-4191 Double Bike panniers $70

    SKU Pedal / Footrests / Fixation MSRP

    383-6015 4-point Harness (children) $365

    383-6010 4-point Harness (adults) $360

    383-6070 5-point Harness (children) $385

    383-6020 5-point Harness (adults) $380

    383-6021 5-point Harness (adults) XL $380

    383-6045 Child footrest (not foldable) $600

    383-4236 Foot fixation, L + R $280

    383-4229 Platform Pedal (extra grip) pair $48

    SKU Safety / Protection MSRP

    383-4200 Mirror $35

    SKU Lightning / Traffic Indicator MSRP

    383-4500 Speedometer $48

    SKU Saddle / Seat Accessories MSRP

    383-0040 Seat width adjustable - child $545

    383-6000 Head support adjustable $260

    383-7095 Receiving adapter for R82 modular seating systems $560

    383-4420 Seatpost with suspension $60

    SKU Wheels / Accessories MSRP

    383-8020 SmartGuard Tires (front + back) $160

    SKU Bike Assembly MSRP

    400-MULTI Multi Tool $12

    400-WREN Pedal Wrench $8