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VanRaam Easy Go Scooter Trike

Item #: Easy Go
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    About This Item

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    The Easy Go scooter bike is a tricycle, electric tricycle and mobility scooter in one. This unique product has been developed so people with fluctuating pathology or energy level always have the right transport and can choose how they want to cycle / ride:
    With this bike you have 3 options:

    • Cycling without pedal suport (bicycle setting)
    • Cycling with pedal support, both forwards and backwards (bicycle setting)
    • Driving fully electric, both forwards and backwards with 5, 10 of 15 km per hour (mobility scooter setting)

    You can alternate between a tricycle and mobility scooter (mobility scooter setting) by putting the footboard/step down with your foot or hand. As soon as you fold the footboard up again, the drive is automatically activated via the pedals and you can cycle (biycle setting). Read all the specal features in the article 'Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Go scooter bike'.

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    Average range (default battery)

    51 km

    Min-max range (default battery)

    33 - 69 km

    Inside leg length

    78 - 90 cm

    Boarding height

    29 cm

    Weight with electrical system

    64 kg

    Cycle length

    166 cm

    Cycle width

    71.5 cm

    Wheel size front


    Wheel size back


    Standard color

    (RAL 7026) Granite gray

    2nd color (extra charge)

    (RAL 7031) Blue-grey matt

    3rd color (extra charge)

    (RAL 5011) Steel blue matt

    RAL color of choice


    Maximum driver weight

    140 kg

    Maximum luggage carrier weight

    20 kg

    Possible separable frame