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    The True Bicycles Fold and Go adult tricycle is the easiest Tricycle to fold on the market today. The Fold and Go trike is simply lighter, stronger, and of higher quality construction that any tricycle made of similar design.The Fold and Go is perfect for people who wish to transport their tricycle often and need a convenient folding tricycle that can be stored in a small space. Not only is the Fold and Go perfect for shorter riders it is ideal for people between 4'-6'' and 6'-0''. The low step through frame makes this tricycle ideal for senior citizens, mobility challenged people, and people who have balance issues. The Fold and Go is loved by everyone from kids to grandparents. Only 47 Lbs.

    You Tube Assembly Video

    Fold and Go Assembly

  • Minimum saddle to pedal distance 25 1/2''
  • Maximum saddle to pedal distance 32'' **
    Maximum weight capacity 215 lbs
  • Seat post length 11 1/2'' x 28.6mm
  • Top tube length 22 3/4''
  • Step over height 14 1/2''
  • Basket size 21'' x 14 1/2'' x 9''
  • Overall length 60''
  • Overall width 29 1/4''
  • Saddle size 12'' wide 12 1/2'' long
  • Wheel size 20''
  • Tires 20x1.75
  • Handlebar size 25'' wide 9'' high
  • Chain 1/2'' x 1/8''
  • Chain ring 36 tooth
  • Freewheel 16 Tooth
  • Crank length 6''
  • Pedals 1/2''
  • Folded dimensions 34" Long x 29.5" Wide x 25.5" Tall
  • Weight 48 Lbs.
  • Box size 30'' x 29'' x 21''
  • Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:
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    Our girls with autism can finally ride!

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    Our 10 and 12 year old daughter's both have autism and have never been able to master a bike. We've had this trike for several months now and it remains a fantastic choice. It's built solid and we love the vibrant blue color. My youngest enjoys riding to the mailbox down the road and loading the mail into the basket. Both of our daughters can ride this bike with ease. Wish we had purchased it years ago! The neighbors all smile when they see the girls coming and say how wonderful it is to see them riding.

    Venice, Florida

    Quality product - easy to assemble

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    <p>My wife has Parkinson's disease and needed exercise. Walking was not possible any longer since she falls easily. We bought this to see if it could help her cardio health. At first she was self conscious about riding it... but now she goes all over our neighborhood and the Publix supermarket 1 mile away.</p><p>The bike is very well made and of a good design. Just wish it was all made in the USA. I gather the thing is assembled in Michigan (and painted there too?), but the parts are from China.</p><p>We have used the folding function often in the past year and that really helps in transporting it to our local bike trail.</p><p>Bob B</p><p>Venice, Florida</p>

    Savanna Ga

    Super quality

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    <p>So this is the story of two neighbors who both bought folding trikes. I bought the Fold and Go three speed from IndustrialBicycles and my neighbor bought a folding trike from Amazon. All I can say is WOW what a difference, not only is my trike about 5-10 pounds lighter than my neighbors but it just looks so much higher quality. My neighbor’s trikes wheels are already rusty and she has only had her trike about six months. My seat has springs hers does not and my paint job looks to be so much better. Even though I paid a bit more than my neighbor, I feel the extra quality was so worth the small difference in price.</p>

    Odessa Texas

    Just my size

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    <p>I absolutely love my trike. The size is perfect for me. I rode other trike and they feel so large and the Fold and Go just seems so much easier to manage. I like that the frame folds so if I want to transport it some day I can. The quality is very good I the ride is good as well. I feel safe on my trike.</p>

    Columbus Georgia

    My fold and Go Trike

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    <p>I really like my new bike. When I called to order, the sales lady recommended this one. She asked me my height and then told me this is a great choice for short people like myself. This fits me really well. My feet touch the ground. My arms are comfortable. I was not sure about the brakes on the handle bar, but I’ve got it now. My old bike was a foot brake. The seat is wide and my bottom isn’t sore. I would recommend this trike.</p>