Ti-Trike T-150, we are no longer offering, Check out the Greenspeed Magnum
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Ti-Trikes T-150 trike

Item #: T-150
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    We have discontinued selling the Ti-Trikes T-150 please check out the following trike:

    Greenspeed Magnum

    ICE Adventure HD 26"

    ICE Adventure HD 20"

    Trident Titan

    The Ti-Trikes T-150 Recumbent trike is one of the most unique trike made. At the backbone of every Ti-Trike is an exclusive titanium frame. Born out of the aerospace industry and Ti-Trikes work with NASA on mobility equipment, several decades of experience have proven that titanium is the perfect material for an adult tricycle. For reasons of cost and manufacturing convenience, however, other manufacturers typically build their trikes out of less costly materials like steel or aluminum. Unfortunately, neither one comes close to matching titanium�??s superior properties when it comes to low weight, ride quality, resiliency, and durability. Neither of these two metals can match titanium�??s outstanding strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance. And unlike steel or aluminum, the Ti-Trikes frames have a brushed bare metal finish that will never scratch, chip, peel, degrade, or rust over time. To achieve optimum fit and to match up properly with different sized riders, each trike model is available in four different sizes. All are designed to achieve that ideal blend of handling, comfort, and performance. As an added plus, the unique strength of titanium allows us to give a 400 pound load rating (combined rider and equipment weight) for both our T-150 and T-350 models




    Aerospace grade welded Titanium with custom machined aluminum rear dropouts. 33" track and available in four different wheelbase lengths (according to rider size): 38" - 40" - 42" - 44". Front boom adjusts up to 5". Width is same on all at 33�?� CL to CL of front tires.

    Carrying Load

    Up to 450 pounds, including rider weight and cargo, based on a 20" rear wheel. 26" rear wheel version is limited to 250 pounds carrying capacity.

    Rear Drivetrain

    Shimano 9 spd SLX GS. Combines with two speed front gear system for 18 gears in total. 9 speed compatible chain with integrated idler wheels.

    Front Gearset

    Internally geared Patterson planetary bike transmission.Fully enclosed, low maintenance. Equivalent to conventional 28/45 tooth chainrings. Shifts under any conditions, including while pedaling, coasting, or standing still. Improved safety and ground clearance.


    Sturmey Archer X-SD drum brakes, weatherproof, low maintenance.


    Ackerman direct steering with integrated hydraulic steering damper. Improves stability while cornering. Handlebars adjust for reach and hand grip rotational angle.


    NASA contoured memory foam for improved comfort and durability. Seat fore/aft adjustment = 5". Seatback adjusts 5" depth within a 30?� Range, 6" height.

    Wheels and Tires

    20" front wheels, 20" or 26" rear wheel, 36 spokes. 20�?� wheel has greater torque and is better on hills; also looks better visually on the shorter Trikes. 26�?� wheel is faster. Equipped with Schwalbe Marathon tires. Tire inflation is 110 PSI for 20 x 1.50 tire, 100 PSI for 26 x 1.50 tire.

    Power Assist Upgrade

    Manual may be upgraded to the battery-powered electric T-250 trike at your location. Operates in both pedal and electric modes.