SUN BICYCLE Baja recreational fat tire seven speed trike

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  • Satin Graphite Aqua Gloss / Black Metallic
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      The new Sun Bicycle Baja Trike is fashioned from the wildly successful Baja Cruz, a two-wheeled model that first introduced the cycling world to wide-tired beach cruising. Now that same great experience can be had on three wheels! The Baja Trike gives you stability and comfort like never before. Fully featured, it comes with easy twist-shift gearing for hills and smooth, powerful disc brakes front and rear. With both fun and understated color options, the glossy frame and matching painted chain guard adds a touch of class and the high handlebars put you in control. Consider this the SUV of our line, it puts in work and it still brings the party wherever it goes.

    • High-tensile steel Low-Step frame
    • Sunrace 7-speed drivetrain
    • Sunrace twist shifter
    • Mechanical disc front and rear brakes with parking locks
    • One-piece steel crank with caged bearing bottom bracket
    • 80mm wide alloy rims with stainless steel spokes
    • 24" x 3.50" Vee Speedster tires with Kevlar flat protection
    • 13" high-rise steel handlebar and MX stem with foam grips
    • Sun XL trike saddle with heavy duty steel base
    • Steel chain guard
    • Alloy basket with solid wood deck
    • Unisex
    • Wheel Size 24"
    • Frame Color Aqua Gloss /Black Metallic
    • Black Rims
    • Step Through 14"
    • Min Saddle Height 27"
    • Overall Dimensions 74" L x 30.25 W
    • Bike Weight 68 Lbs
    • Rider Weight Limit 250 Lbs
    • Frameset

      High-Tensile Steel, TIG-Welded
      1-1/8" Hi Tensile Steel, Curved Legs, Double Eyelets
      Crank Set
      One-Piece Heavy Duty Hot Forged Steel, 170mm
      Steel, 36T x 1/2'' x 3/32"
      Bottom Bracket
      Steel for OPC, Caged Bearings with Seal
      Sunrace (7-Speed) 14-34T
      K.M.C. 1/2 x 3/32''
      Rear Derailleur
      SunRace RD-M41
      Rear Shifter
      SunRace 7-Speed Twist Shifter
      Slip Resistant Top, 1/2"
      Front Brake
      Promax Mechanical Disk, 160mm Rotor
      Rear Brake
      Promax Mechanical Disk, 160mm Rotor
      Brake Lever
      Promax, Linear Pull W/Parking Lock
      Steel, 31.5" Wide x 13" Rise x 22.2mm Clamp
      Alloy, Threadless, 28.6 x 50mm x 0 deg x 22mm Clamp
      Contoured Foam, 130mm Left / 90mm Right
      Steel, Semi Cartridge Bearings, 28.6 x 34 x 30mm
      Deluxe Cruiser, Double Coil Spring Suspension
      Seat Post
      Steel w/o Clamp, W/Anti-Slip Knurling, 28.6 x 12"
      Seat Clamp / Binder Bolt
      Integrated Bolt/Nut Type
      Front Hub
      Alloy, 36H x 14G x 3/8" Bolt-On Axle, Black (135mm O.L.D / Disc Compatible)
      Rear Hub
      Steel, Large Flange, 36H x 14G with Cartridge Bearings
      14G Stainless Steel with CP Brass Nipples
      24" x 80mm Wide x 36H x 14G, Alloy
      24" x 3.50" Sand Storm Cruiser Tire
      24" x 3.50", Schrader Valve
      Custom Tubular Alloy Basket w/Wood Insert
      Replacement Parts
      Frame Rear Unit
      High Tensile Steel, TIG-Welded, Disc and Der Compatible
      Steel, Painted
      Rear Unit Hardware
      Rear Unit Hardware (Includes (4) bolts, (6) nuts, (4) washers)
      Rear Unit Bearing
      Rear Unit Bearing for 17mm Axle (Quantity of (4) needed for rear unit)
      Rear Unit Axle Complete
      Rear Unit Axle, 17mm x 765mm (Includes (1) axle, (2) nuts, (2) washers, (1) axle spacer)
      Rear Unit Axle Nut
      Rear Unit Axle Nut (For 15mm / 17mm axle)
      Rear Unit Axle Washer
      Rear Unit Axle Washer (For 17mm axle)
      Rear Unit Axle Spacer
      Rear Unit Axle Spacer, 20mm (For 17mm axle)
      Rear Unit Axle Key
      Rear Unit Axle Key (For 15mm/17mm axle)
      Freewheel Adaptor
      Freewheel Adapter (For 17mm axle, includes (2) set screws)
      Freewheel Adaptor Set Screw
      Set Screw for Freewheel Adapter
      Rear Hub Bearings
      Cartridge Bearings
      Basket Hardware
      Trike Basket Mounting Hardware
      68 Lbs.
      Weight Limit
      250 Lbs.

      Reviewed by

      Sun Baja Review on August 12, 2022

      The Sun Baja was the first fat tire trike on the market and now there are other companies trying to copy them but they have not come close to the value and quality that Sun Bicycle brings to the table. Sun Bicycles, based in Miami Florida, has been building quality adult tricycles for over forty years and has become the largest seller of adult tricycles in the world.

      I personally have known Jack and Ben, the owners at Sun Bicycles, for over forty years. Jack and Ben started a company called JB Importers in 1971 and have grown the business to the largest distributer of bicycle parts in North America. There are no harder working guys in the bike business than the team at JB Importers, Ben is in his late 80’s and still comes to work almost every day. Sun Bicycle’s philosophy has always been to offer good quality products at a low price and then stand behind the product. Sun really is
      the best in the industry, they carry an incredible amount of replacement parts so you can be assured if you need a replacement part they will more than likely have it in stock.

      Frame: The frame on the Sun Baja is MIG welded together in Taiwan and has a 250 Lbs. capacity. The frame is easily put together by
      bolting the rear section to the front by using four bolts. The Sun Baja’s frame design gives you an extremely low step-through for easy on and off access. Sun offers the trike in Aqua Gloss and Graphite Metallic. The Sun Baja uses a pedal forward design on their trikes where the seat is set back about an additional three to four inches from the crank similar to a traditional two wheel bicycle. For some reason, older people really like this position much better. People tell me that it is easier on their knees but I am not sure why that would be. Some of the advantages to the seat setting farther back is the seat is farther from the pedals so you can have a lower overall seat height yet have the correct leg extension. By moving the seat farther back it centers the rider weight farther back over the two rear wheels adding more stability to the trike.

      Gearing: The Sun Baja comes with a Sunrace seven speed drivetrain mated with a Sunrace twist type shifter. The shifter has nice little window in it that shows you the gear you are currently in. Having a trike with gears is a nice benefit especially if you need to ride up a hill or into the wind so then you can just easily down shift into an easier gear.

      Braking: The Sun Baja uses disc brake front and rear. The brakes are simple cable actuated disc made by Promax who is a huge brake
      manufacture for the bike industry. The trike used 160mm rotors both front and rear and it made the trike stop very well.

      Seat: I found the large oversize seat with springs to be very comfortable. Sun Bicycle, and other companies, offers Gel seat pads that can go overtop of the existing seat for the ultimate in comfort. The seat is supported by an oversize seat post that it can be raised quite high for a tall rider looking to stretch out their legs as they ride.

      Ride: We really like the ride on the Sun Baja. The Sun Baja’s handling is precise and predictable, and all of our testers thought Sun Bicycle has offered up a well thought out produce with a good, safe design.

      Wheels: The wheels are what makes the Baja the Baja. The big oversize 24″x3.5″ tires with a smooth file tread design on the tires rolled well and offered a nice, smooth, soft ride. The spokes are stainless steel so they will not rust. The rims are aluminum with large cut outs to shave off weight. The hub has sealed bearings which should require no maintenance and should last a very long time.

      Other Stuff: A very light weight large rear basket and reflectors set are included.

      In conclusion: I think the Sun Baja is the coolest looking upright type trike on the market. It is practical with its seven gears, premium Disc brakes, extra wide seat and it’s safe, predicable ride, along with good build quality and a dealer network that can service your trike.

      Pros: The Sun Baja brings safety, durability, and stability to everyone who rides this well built trike. Features: sealed rear axle bearings, extra wide seat with springs. The frame is MIG welded together and the construction is solid. The trike is very corrosion resistant; paint is applied evenly and consistently.

      Cons: Only a 250 Lbs weight limit.

      Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:
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      South Florida

      Just incredible fum

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      This is my now means of transportation, I love riding my Sun Baja every ware, the big fat tires soften the imperfection in the road and with the seven speed I can pedal up any inclines in my area. The Sun Baja is worth every penny, one thing I have learned in life is it you buy cheap you end up buying twice.


      OMG Wow

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      Cons: had this trike for my husband when all the other dealers were out of stock and we received it in one week after we ordered.

      Tampa FL

      Old Florida Cracker geezer loves his trike!

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      I've had my Baja Trike about a year now, and I love it. I have a chronic back problem which compromises my ability to stand or walk comfortably for more than just a minute or two. I can ride my trike for hours at the time, comfortably, get around anywhere I want to go, and get the exercise benefits, too.

      A month ago I was riding over in Carrollwood Village and ran into another old guy about my age on his trike. And he said, "How you like your ride, Beau?" I said "I like it real good, what abut you? You know, twenty years ago, I'd see an old geezer riding one of these things and I'd laugh and make fun of him".. And the other old guy said to me, "Yeah, me too. And now we're him, brother!"

      God is good, and my Baja Trike is a gift from God to an old man. Thank you.

      Bob Hutchinson
      Tampa FL

      Palm Desert, CA

      Really allows me to get around

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      This trike has made me feel accomplished getting around. I lost my right leg, the stability this bike has gives confidence for my use. Have had people stop me and ask questions, most are fully functioning individuals, again it’s the styling, stability and easy pedaling. Was completely confident on my very first ride. Get you one, great fun.

      Tybee Island

      Nice trike

      review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
      I love the looks and ride of my Sun Baja trike. I am retired and ride my trike all over my neighborhood. Sometimes I ride up to the elementary school by my house and watch the kids play outside. The kid thinks my fat tires look cool and they ask me questions sometime about my trike. My trike is east to ride and has seven speeds. The brakes are disc brakes like a high performance mountain bike have and they stop the trike very well. A small detail that I use all the time is the parking brake which is built into the brake lever. The trike is very adjustable and can fit a wide range of people. I thought the price was a bit high compared to the Sun traditional trike but other than the price I really like the trike.