Ice Cream Trike Model 510
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ICE Cream Trike With Hold Over Plates

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    Our Ice cream tricycle model 510 will hold your product cold longer than any other Ice Cream Tricycle. The 510 uses Holdover Plates to keep everything cool even when it is not plugged in.

    Holdover Plates are stainless steel units that contain an evaporator coil surrounded by a liquid solution. The solution freezes as the compressor runs. The frozen solution will continue to absorb heat even after the compressor shuts off. Holdover plates can significantly reduce energy consumption.

    Holdover Plates are the answer for mobile refrigeration and are the alternative to mechanical refrigeration systems. Holdover plates are designed to maintain a constant temperature, or holdover, throughout the course of a day. The plates are then “recharged” by connecting them to a condensing unit. After charging, the holdover plates are ready to maintain refrigerating temperatures for an entire work cycle.

    the door is a removable flip style door measuring 22''x22''. This door style is appropriate for pre-packaged Novelty Ice Cream or scooping (Keep in mind the door opening size vs. your bulk pack containers to make certain that scooping will work in this configuration).

    • Model 510 feature a mechanical refrigeration
    • Utilizing holding plates
    • Plug cart in overnight to charge, unplug when ready to use.
    • Product will hold for 10-12 hours in a 90 degree Fahrenheit day
    • Mechanical refrigeration utilizing holding plates
    • Stainless steel counter top with flip lid and capacity of 70 dozen ice cream novelties or 7-8 three gallon tubs
    • ULEPH Certified.

    BOX DIMENSIONS: 45" L x 33" W x 41" H

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