Worksman STPT Industrial Platform Trike

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Hand Made in the USA

The Worksman STPT has been Discontinued

Please check out our new preferred alternative to the STPT, The True Bicycle Platform Trike!

Price: $929.00
    Audible Warning Device:

    Basket Liner Rear:

    Basket Rear:

    Bottom Bracket:

    Chain Ring:


    Drivetrain / Gears:




    Light Rear:


    Parking Brake:

    Pedal Options:


    Seat Post:

    Seat Post Clamp Quick Release:

    Tire Liners:

    Tire Sealant:




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    The Worksman STPT Platform tricycle is the ultimate carrying machine. With total carrying capacity up to 500 Lbs. Ideal for moving big payloads with it massive 38"x 26" front platform. The Worksman STPT Platform Trike is an incredibly durable tricycle and is used at many industrial complexes or warehouses to move heavy packages. Many people customize this tricycle by mounting there own cabinets, seating areas, or other fixtures to create a tricycle just right for their own unique needs. The steel platform has a 3" lip to keep your packages in place while moving about.

    Box Size Frame 76" x 8" x 35" Weight 64 Lbs
    Box Size Platform 26 1/2" x 6 1/2" x 38 1/4" Weight 78 Lbs

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