Huka Orthros Twin Tandem Cycle, Side by Side Duo Tricycle, Orion Twin
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Huka Orthros Twin Tandem Cycle

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    About This Item

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    Made in Nerderlands

    Standard Features Include:
    8 Speed Shimano Nexus gear system
    High grade steel with Epoxy coating
    Aluminum wheel rims with stainless steel spokes
    Dual rear brakes; front drum / caliper
    Freewheel option for passenger
    Adjustable Handlebars
    Depth adjustable seats for driver and passenger

    Orthros, a Tricycle built for two

    Cycling is very fun and can be extra enjoyable with a friend at the same time. Do you enjoy cycling trips with a companion, but are afraid you might lose control and fall off your two wheel bike bike? Then the Orthros could be just the thing for you. This two person trike makes it possible to be mobile and have fun cycling, whatever your limitations. With the Orthros, both the passenger and the companion sit side by side. The main advantage is that the companion has a clear view of the road and is in direct contact with the passenger at all times. The passenger has all the freedom to look around and enjoy the ride. And of course it is a lot more fun sitting next to one another. Mounting the cycle is also very easy, as the Orthros features a rotating seat. The Orthros is actually a tricycle. This means it is extremely stable and makes it possible for the riders to remain seated when stationary. The Orthros is well suited for passengers who move around a lot in their seat or who perhaps have issues with their balance.

    Quality and safety

    The Orthros is a quality product which can be customised according to your personal requirements. The highly stable frame is finished in a premier quality epoxy lacquer. This will guarantee that you can enjoy the Orthros for many years to come. The safety features include a parking brake and, thanks in part to the hydraulic rear disc brakes, easy-to-use light touch hand brakes. The lighting system ensures that you can both see well in the dark and be seen. With the Orthros, it is the companion who does the steering. The right hand handlebars are fixed. This provides extra security and stability for the passenger's sitting arrangement. The steering column is adjustable for height and angle, to guarantee an optimum cycling position. The seats are adjusted by a sliding mechanism to ensure you always have the perfect distance between the handlebars and the pedals. All together this means the Orthros tricycle will provide safe and comfortable cycling enjoyment for years to come.

    Basic Package
    White / Orange Frame
    Switchable Freewheel
    (controlled by driver)
    Swivel Seat (Passenger)
    Rear Basket

    Electro Package
    White / Orange Frame
    Switchable Freewheel (controlled by driver)
    250 Watt Heinzmann Electro Drive Motor
    36v, 11ah Lithium Ion Battery
    Battery Charger
    Swivel Seat (Passenger)
    Rear Basket

    Electro Plus Therapy Package
    White / Orange Frame
    Switchable Freewheel (controlled by
    250 Watt Heinzmann Electro Drive Motor
    36v, 14ah Lithium Ion Battery
    Swivel Seat (Passenger)
    Battery Charger
    Flip-up Armrests (Passenger)
    Flip-up Footrest (Passenger)
    Seatbelt (Passenger)
    Rear Basket

    Crank length in mm 150
    Inner leg length in mm driver Inner leg length in mm passenger Steering height in mm (G) 750-900
    Seat height (from groundlevel)mm 610
    Rear tyre size (ETRTO) 20 x 1,75 (47-406)
    Front tyre size (ETRTO) 24 x 1,75 (47-507)
    Maximum load driver side 120 kg
    Maximum load passenger side 120 kg
    Seat width in mm (A) per side 450
    Seat depth in mm (B) per side 400
    Back height in mm (C) 350
    Maximum load in kg 240

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