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ORIGIN8 Vortex
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 Smooth, fast rolling tread with water evacuating grooves and raised, textured shoulder blocks Provides unrivaled grip in wet road conditions Alternating, slightly raised shoulders grip well even over loose debris Reflective sidewall striping keeps you seen and safe on your early morning or late night commute Magnitude III level puncture protection - a 60x60 TPI Nylon layer beneath the tread surface Standard 700x40 622 Wire Nylon...

ORIGIN8 Wildfire GX
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 Bred for Gravel Grinding, the Wildfire GX keeps you burning down access roads and back country like nobody`s business Features the same small block tread as our Wildfire CX with increased width for staying firmly planted even on loose gravel Connecting lug bridges increase rigidity while also aiding in puncture protection  Magnitude I level puncture protection - a high density Nylon layer beneath the tread surface Standard 700x40 622 Fold Nylon ...