Worksman Mover Industrial Trike M2626-CB, M2626-3CB
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    Audible Warning Device:

    Basket Front:

    Basket Liner Front:

    Bottom Bracket:


    Chain Ring:



    Drivetrain / Gears:



    Handlebar Stem:


    Light Front:

    Light Rear:



    Motor Kit:

    Motor Kit Battery:

    Pedal Options:


    Rear Cargo Option:


    Seat Post:

    Seat Post Clamp Quick Release:

    Tire Liners:

    Tire Sealant:





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    North Carolina

    Disapointed! I thought Made in USA would mean quality

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    After weighting over nine weeks to receive my Worksman Mover and about ten phone call to Worksman to find out where my trike is it finally arrived. So the trike arrived with a flat front tire, another call to Worksman, cam you believe they would not warrenty the intertube! So after I unraped the trike it looks like the metal was not preped properly and you can see inperfections under the paint, probably welding flux.

    New Jersey

    Should have been better

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    <p>I bought an American made tricycle thinking that the quality would be higher than a tricycle made in China or some other foreign country and I was wrong. After purchasing my Worksman Mover I had the opportunity to compare it closely with a Husky T-326. My bike had no paint on the rear axle, just raw steel so now it is getting rusty. The pain on the frame was adequate but no show car paint job. The wheel are good and heavy duty with wide tires and should last a long time. My trike arrived mostly assembled in a very large box. The packaging was terrible; they had some wood pieces in the box to strength the box which rubbed the paint off my trike.</p><p>The trike took over six weeks to get! Yes I know it is a made to order product but six weeks! I could have got a Husky in three to five day fully assembled shipped to my home. I think a two to three week lead time is tolerable but six is not.</p>

    South Carolina

    Worksman Mover

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    <p>A little disappointed with a few things. I wanted to buy an American made trike so I ordered a Worksman Mover Industrial Trike. After weighting five weeks to have my trike manufactured it arrived from the factory in New York. The trike arrived scratched, the wood packaging rubbed the frame during transportation and rubbed the paint off the frame. The frame could have been prepared better before it was painted. There looks to be flux still stuck to the frame tubing and it was just painted over. The paint did cover the entire frame but just not as smooth as I would have wanted. The frame, fork, wheels and rear axle look to very strong and should last a long time.</p>