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    The Worksman Low Gravity Bike w/ Basket. This Classic indistrial delivery bicycle has been seen from the streets of New York to the Movie Studios in Los Angeles for more than 50 years. Many people refer to them as "Truck Bikes".

    More important are the benefits businesses gain from using these bikes to deliver small packages in Urban or campus settings.

    Low Gravity Bikes have a unique "Balance Tru" Steering System whereby the handlebars turn but the huge 24x17x12" flat steel basket does not. This allows bulkier loads to be transported. The Worksman Low Gravity Bikes also have a unique built-in parking stand. Shown are both the LGB (men's style frame) and LGG Unisex style frame) 400LBS Capacity.

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    New York

    Delivery Bike

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    <p>Wanted a two wheel bicycle for making deliveries in my neighborhood. I purchase a Low Gravity bike because it is specifically designed for making deliveries. What make it different is the front basket is fixed to the frame on the front of the bicycle rather than moving with the handlebars like most front baskets. This is a big deal if you are going to carry heavy loads because a heavy load in a basket fixed to the handlebar can make a bicycle difficult and sometimes unsafe for some people. The front wheel is smaller which brings the weight down lower on the bike also adding to the bike stability. The third thing is a kickstand on the front wheel which will hold the bike upright is a big plus. Overall the bike is exactly what I am looking for but it did come up short on a few things. The seat is really not that comfortable, cheap plastic pedals, and a crappy paint.</p>