HP Velotechnik PINION Retrofit
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HP Velotechnik PINION Retrofit

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    Pinion C1.12

    "Light, compact, worry-free" – Pinions C-Line is now offered by HP Velotechnik! A recurring wish from our customers and dealers: The C1.12 transmission shifting system for all two- and three-wheelers. The enclosed shifting system is a dream for everyone who rides a lot: robust and low-maintenance. The Kriftel engineers had to improve the chain management, as well. In order to reduce the immense chain force over the 4-meter chain, the transmission receives a special HP Velotechnik chain ring as well as an extra-large cog on the rear hub. HP Velotechnik also developed a special quiet chain tensioner for an efficient and quiet ride.

    With a development of 600%, the Pinion an optimal companion for every recumbent and can be combined with the whisper-quiet hub motor from Go SwissDrive, allowing shifting even while stopped. A retrofit kit is also available for either two- or three-wheelers so even older models can enjoy the latest transmission technology