Greenspeed Magnum XL Recumbent Trike

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    Hand Support:

    Head Rest:


    Light Front:

    Light Mount:

    Light Rear:



    Mirror Mount:

    Motor Kit:



    Parking Brake:

    Pedal Options:

    Quick Chain Adjustment Kit:

    Rack Bag:


    Rider Height:

    Rider Weight:

    Rider X-Seam:


    Stand Up Aid:

    Tire Liners:


    Trike Cover:

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    Many recumbent trikes have “direct” (tiller type) steering, where for cheapness, the handle bars are clamped directly onto the kingpins, without any intermediate linkage, and bars have to be moved in the opposite direction to which you are going, with the weaker muscles of your arms. Whereas the GreenSpeed “Crossover” steering was invented by GreenSpeed to provide control with your bicep muscles, thus the steering is much easier and more intuitive to use. Furthermore, unlike other types of “indirect” trike steering, the GS Crossover steering provides superior Ackermann compensation, and a smaller turning circle, due to the fact that the steering rods cross over from one side to the other.

    GreenSpeed as well as other forward thinking human powered vehicle companies have discovered that the rolling resistance of bicycle tyres does not increase until a camber angle of 10 degrees is reached, thus to improve stability without making the trike wider, to counteract tyre distortion while cornering, and to reduce rolling resistance in the turns, the Magnum front wheels have 5 degrees of negative camber. Plus on tight turns the steering geometry changes the camber of the inside wheel from negative to positive, again to reduce rolling resistance and tire scrub in the turns. Plus by swapping the tires from side to side ½ way through their life, more life can be obtained than if they were ran vertically.

    Unlike a bike, the front wheels of a trike are offset some distance from the centre line of the machine. Thus, applying one front wheel brake, as when hand signalling for a turn, while braking, will tend to steer the trike in that direction. So, to compensate for this, the Magnum has Negative Scrub Radius steering geometry, whereby the brake reaction steers the trike in the opposite direction to which the braked wheel is pulling it. This happens so subtly that all the rider notices is that the trike continues in a straight line, when only one front brake is used. However, for emergency braking both brakes should be used, as this will double the braking power.


    7005 Aluminium Alloy, with center fold.

    Frame Size




    34” – 86 cm

    36” – 91 cm


    66 to 76” – 168 to 193 cm *

    74 to 84” – 188 to 231 cm *


    30 to 35” – 76 to 89 cm

    31 to 36” – 78 to 92 cm

    Seat Height

    14 to 18” – 35 to 45 cm

    Seat Angle

    30 to 48 degrees

    Crank Height

    14 to 15” – 35 to 39 cm

    14 to 16” – 36 to 40 cm

    X-seam range

    40 to 50” – 102 to 127 cm **

    44 to 54” – 112 to 138 cm **

    Ground Clearance

    6.5” – 16 cm

    Turning Circle

    14 feet – 4.0 metre

    Track Width

    31.5” – 80 cm

    33.5” – 85 cm


    41.3” – 105 cm

    45” – 115 cm

    Front Wheels

    20” Double wall alloy rims with eyelets & 36 stainless steel spokes with push button quick release.

    Rear Wheels

    20” Double wall alloy rim with eyelets & 36 stainless steel spokes with standard quick release.


    20 x 2.0” Schwalbe Big Apple, 35 to 70 psi


    27 speed


    Shun SS-ZO-300 52/42/30 x 165 mm


    9 speed 11/34

    Front Derailleur

    Micro Shift

    Rear Derailleur

    Shimano Deore


    YBN S9


    Shimano Dura Ace 9 speed Bar End

    Gear Range

    18 to 95” – 528%


    Sturmey Archer 90 mm drums

    Standard Equipment

    Rear mudguard, safety flag

    Optional Extras

    Accessory posts, mirrors, headrest, luggage rack, front mudguards, chain gobbler.

    Rider weight Limit

    400lbs – 180 kg

    450 lbs – 200 kg

    Luggage Weight Limit

    88lbs – 40 kg

    Trike Weight

    42 lbs – 19kg

    44lbs – 20 kg

    Boxed Size

    33 x 29 x 18" - 83 x 73 x 47cm

    39 x 31x 20” – 98 x 79 x 50 cm

    Frame Colours

    Red, Blue and Yellow

    *Length varies with rider leg length.

    **X- seam length may be reduced beyond minimum by shortening boom.

    Specifications may change without notice.

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    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Buy again today

    The Greenspeed Magnum XL is truly a wonderful trike. I am a large person 6’4” 300 Lbs and found I felt a bit cramped on other brands of trike. The seat is wider and longer than seats on other brands of trikes. One of the factors which led me to my purchase was that the seat was height adjustable and was higher that most other trikes on the market. The seat was easily adjustable and can be positioned for a more upright riding style that seats on other brands of trikes. The rims are better quality and are eyeleted which adds strength. The frame is made of aluminum and folds for easy transportation and storage. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and I would buy the exact same trike again today. Now for my wife who is is 140 Lbs I would look as a different trike that was lighter because she just does not need all the extra durability that the Magnum XL offers.


    Best oversize trike

    I am 390 Lbs and this is the only trike that I have found that fit my body and can handle my weight. On other trike I tried as soon as I turn the handlebars the handlebars were hitting the side of my legs and limiting me from turning as sharp as I wanted. The Magnum XL is truly a trike for an XL person. The frame is wide, handlebar is wider, seat is wider and come with a higher seat and weight capacity. The front brakes are oversize to help with stopping and the tire wider to help improve the ride quality. The wheel are heavier duty than any other trike I could find. My trike fold easily and is light weight. If you are an oversize person the Magnum XL is the trike to get.