Greenspeed GT26 Trike
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Greenspeed GT26 Trike

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    When Greenspeed set out to design a 26 inch wheel version of the there GT20 they new it had to be a completely new design from the ground up. Greenspeed designed a wider flange hub which is unique only to Greenspeed trikes. The wider hub made the rear wheel significantly stronger. The Greenspeed frame was made stronger in the rear to accommodate a larger wheel. The frame was also change to square shaped tubing which also added strength to the entire length of the frame.

    Greenspeed is famous for there trike seats, the seats were designed by a chiropractor so it fits your back perfectly and gives you just the right amount of support. The seat has shock cords so the seat fabric flexes and gives you a more comfortable ride. The Greenspeed seat is both adjustable in angle and height.

    The brakes are Sturmey Archer 90mm drums and the wheel are quick release.The wheels can easily be removed from the trike just by pushing a button on the axle. The drums offer superior braking and reliability over many disc brakes systems on the market.

    Greenspeed uses there own design (Cross over steering) which is a more accurate steering system that other trikes simple direct steering system. Greenspeed also added five degrees of camber to the front wheels which eliminated brakes steer like you can find on other brands of trikes.

    The rear of the GT 26 frame folds over top of the front part of the frame by removing the seat with the three quick releases. This is a superior design compared to other trike where the trike has to be turned on its side and the rear folds underneath.The GT26 can accommodate riders from 4’-6’’ to 6’-5’’

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