Trailmate Meteor Recumbent Trike

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    The Trailmate Meteor Recumbent trike is one of our more economically priced adult tricycles. The Meteor has a comfortable ride, responsive performance and terrific value. People love the extra wide padded seat and contoured back rest on the Trailmate Meteor. On the Meteor you get to stretch out your legs and while riding in a comfortable position. With a seat height of approximately 20'' off the ground the Meteor is both stable and easy to get on and off of. Available in 2 styles: Available in 2 styles:
    21 Speed with front hand brake and rear disc brake
    3 Speed with front hand brake and rear coaster brake

    Low step-through design makes getting on and off easy.
    Western saddle seat offers hours of enjoyment.
    High back contour mesh back for support and comfort.
    Front caliper brake has convenient parking lock.
    Fits riders from 4'6'' to 6'3" tall.

    Size: 42" H x 72" L x 29" W
    Weight 21 Speed 67 Lbs.

    Weight Capacity: 350 Lbs.

    Trike Weight: 75 Lbs.

    Box Size 60"x15"x25"

    Box Weight 88 Lbs

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    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:
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    Best thing I ever did

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    I bought this 3-spd for about half price on CraigsList. It got me out of the house and made me challenge the rolling hills where I live. I chug up for 30 minutes in low, then turn around and speed downhill back to home, coasting all the way. I highly recommend. No butt or back pressure. Just legs and thighs.


    Made in the USA

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    Made in the USA was a big deal for me. I looked up how long Traimate has been in business and I was shocked to see they started in 1977. I also looked at their Better Businesss Bureau rating and it was A+. I purchased my Meteor in the twenty one speed version. My trike was shipped to me fully assembled and all I had to do was just adjust the seat for my leg length and adjust the handlebars. The pricing on the Meteor is below what some of the other similar trikes are on the market. Other brands are imported from some land of cheap labor. I have been happy with my Meteor, the only thing I am not thrilled about is the shape of the handlebars. I would have preferred to have my hands more straight across like a traditional bike handlebar rather than my hands more straight up and down.

    Trailmate Meteor

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    I love this trike. I can ride all over and not worry about losing my balance. Due to back issues, I needed a seat with back support and this one is great. It is so comfortable! It is also low enough that it is easy to get on it even with knee issues. This trike makes exercising so much fun!!

    Disabled Vet, Age 72

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    <p>I have a number of medical issues including Parkinson's. I use the Meteor about 4-6 times a week doing between 4-12 miles each time. The Trike provides exercise and weight control and has improved my general physical condition and balance. I have a red 3 speed and have added safety equipment, water bottle and basket. I choose the Meteor because the seating is comfortable and at a good height for a minimal spinal stress dismounting. I am 5'11 and weight 235lbs and it fly's, I have been pulled over for speeding. I also meet a lot of interested girls.</p>