Trailmate Joyrider Trike

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Hand Made in the USA

As of 10-22-21 trike has been discontinued forever. Check out the Sun EZ Tri Classic, Sun X3 AX

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    The Trailmate Joyrider Recumbent trike is perfect for both able-bodied or physically challenged people.
    The Trailmate Joyride makes it easy for everyone, simply walk in to the trike, take a seat, and pedal off for fun and adventure.
    The Trailmate Joyriders feature a heavy-duty steel frame and unique swing-away handlebars
    for hours of confident fun. When it comes to enjoyment... the Joyrider has no limits!

    Box Size Frame 62"x11"x22" Box Weight 55 Lbs

    Wheel Box Size 23"x17"x28" Box Weight 23 Lbs

    Joyrider Owners Manual

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    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
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    Huntsville, AL

    Ok trike

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    I bought a joyrider for my daughter. She doesnt have balance to ride a regular bike. She loves to ride the bike and its brought her hours of enjoyment thus far. I think the quality is nice but the seat leaves alot to be desired. The hard plastic seat is only good for a few minutes at a time as it has no padding.

    Mt Vernon Alabama

    Almost the perfect trike for me

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    <p>I have some knee and leg issued from an auto accident many years ago and it is difficult for me to lift my leg up. I can barely get my leg up high enough to go up some stairs so getting my foot over the frame of most trikes is imposable. I was shopping for an adult tricycle for exercise and was told about the Joyrider and I instantly knew it was the perfect trike for my needs. The one side if the frame is open which was huge for me because now I did not have to lift my leg up over the frame. I purchased my trike in red with the three speed upgrade kit and I am sure glad I did. If I have to pedal into the wind I can select an easier gear with the shifter on the handlebar and make the trike easier to pedal. The trike has a nice sized rear basket to carry just about anything within reason. I like the looks of the Mag wheel and I am sure they will stay straighter than traditional spoked wheel you find on other trikes. The trike can be easily stopped by using the pedal brakes (Coaster Brake) or the front hand brake. The seat is easily adjustable forward and backwards by just loosing a quick release lever under the seat. The only complaint I have is the seat is not padded and is a bit uncomfortable on bumps.</p>

    Albequerque New Mexico

    Getting back into shape

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    <p>I am finally getting back in shape. I am seventy nine years old and have some mobility issues. I tried some traditional trikes but had difficulty lifting my leg high enough to get over the frame. The sales person steered me to the Joyrider and purchased it in December. The Joyrider has been the perfect trike for me because I do not have to lift my leg over the frame. I can just sit down on the seat and swing my legs into the trike or push the handle bars out of the way and just walk into the trike and sit down. I purchased the three speed version which makes it easier to pedal. I have only had it about one month but can feel I am getting stronger and more flexible since I have started riding. I think the trike is a good choice for someone like myself who has some special needs.</p>