Worksman Super Delivery Trike, SUD

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Hand Made in the USA

The Worksman Super Delivery Trike has been Discontinued

Price: $1,329.00
    Audible Warning Device:

    Basket Liner Rear:

    Bottom Bracket:

    Chain Ring:


    Drivetrain / Gears:




    Light Rear:


    Parking Brake:

    Pedal Options:

    Rear Cargo Option:


    Seat Post:

    Seat Post Clamp Quick Release:

    Tire Liners:

    Tire Sealant:




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    The Worksman SUD Industrial Tricycle is the ultimate urban delivery vehicle

    High fuel prices and other hefty expenses associated with motorized vehicles are a thing of the past with the Super Delivery Tricycle. The SUD Trike w/ 42"x23"x25"non-insulated lockable steel cabinet. Ideal for delivery services or movement of larger items. Our Super Delivery Tricycles are used on the streets of major cities around the world for parcel deliveries, food service deliveries, just about any small package delivery in congested urban areas.

    Build Your Delivery Business using these incredible industrial tricycle vehicles

    No fuel, no fumes, low cost and in many cases can replace expensive vans or other motorized delivery vehicles. The cabinet is huge an an ideal place to advertise your business....a virtual "billboard on wheels" .The benefits are many. A simple solution for today's complicated world.

    overall width 32.5"

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