SUN BICYCLES Traditional 24 Recreational Adult Trike

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      Drivetrain / Gears:



      Gel Seat Pad:


      Light Front:

      Light Rear:



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      The Traditional trike, a classic in its field, is purpose built with comfort, stability, durability, and practicality in mind. A super low step-through frame, upright riding position, Sun custom tractor saddle, and rear basket are just a few features that make our trike an ideal choice for trips to the market, getting a little exercise or just getting around. The Traditional trike accepts a wide range of available accessories and gearing options to suit your exact needs and riding style.

      • High-tensile steel Low-Step frame
      • Single-speed drivetrain (Additional gearing options available separately)
      • Alloy linear-pull front brake with parking lock
      • One-piece crank with caged bearing bottom bracket
      • Alloy rims with stainless steel spokes
      • 20" or 24" x 1.75" tires
      • 9" high-rise steel handlebar and stem with foam grips
      • Sun Tractor saddle with heavy duty steel base
      • Steel chain guard and nickel plated front fender
      • Vinyl coated steel wire basket
      • Unisex
      • 24" Wheels
      • Yellow Pearl
      • Silver Rims
      • Step Through 15.5"
      • Min Saddle Height 27"
      • Overall Dimensions 70.5" L X 30.5" W
      • 250 Pound Limit (Rider and Cargo Combined)

      Tensile Steel, TIG-Welded

      1-1/8'' High Tensile Steel, Curved Tapered Legs, Double Eyelets
      Crank Set
      One-Piece Steel, 6"
      Steel, 36T
      Bottom Bracket
      Steel for OPC, Caged Bearings
      20T x 1/2" x 1/8"
      1/2" x 1/8", 130 Links
      Plastic, 1/2", Black Platform
      Front Brake
      Alloy, Linear Pull
      Brake Lever
      Alloy, Linear Pull W/Parking Lock, Black/Silver
      Steel, 27.6" Wide x 9" Rise x 25.4mm Clamp
      Steel, 25.4mm, 205mm Quill x 60mm Ext
      Foam, Black
      Steel, Caged Bearings, 25.4 x 34 x 30mm
      Western Style, Black
      Seat Post
      Steel, 12"
      Seat Clamp / Binder Bolt
      Integrated Bolt/Nut Type, Silver
      Front Wheel
      24" x 1.75 x 36H x 14G Alloy-Trike, Bolt-On
      Rear Wheel
      24" x 1.75 x 36H x 14G Alloy-Trike, Bolt-On
      Front Hub
      Steel, with 3/8" Bolt-On Axle
      Rear Hub
      Steel, Large Flange, with Cartridge Bearings
      14G Stainless Steel
      24" x 36H x 14G, Alloy
      24" x 1.75, Black Wall
      24" x 1.75", Schrader Valve
      Front Fender
      Steel, Full Wrap, W/Single Strut, Stainless Steel
      Steel, Vinyl Coated, 21" Long x 15" Wide x 9" High
      Replacement Parts
      Frame Rear Unit
      High Tensile Steel, TIG-Welded
      Seat Support Bar
      Steel, 19"
      Steel, Painted
      Rear Unit Hardware
      Rear Unit Hardware (INCLUDES 4 BOLTS, 6 NUTS, 4 WASHERS)
      Rear Unit Bearing
      Rear Unit Bearing (QUANTITY OF 4 NEEDED FOR REAR UNIT)
      Rear Unit Axle Complete
      Rear Unit Axle, 14.8 x 765mm (INCLUDES 1 AXLE, 2 NUTS, 2 WASHERS, 1 AXLE SPACER)
      Rear Unit Axle Nut
      Rear Unit Axle Nut (FOR 14.8mm AXLE)
      Rear Unit Axle Washer
      Rear Unit Axle Washer (FOR 14.8mm AXLE)
      Rear Unit Axle Spacer
      Rear Unit Axle Spacer, 20mm (FOR 14.8mm AXLE)
      Rear Unit Axle Key
      Rear Unit Axle Key (FOR 14.8mm AXLE)
      Freewheel Adaptor
      Freewheel Adapter (FOR 15mm AXLE, INCLUDES 2 SET SCREWS)
      Freewheel Adaptor Set Screw
      Set Screw for Freewheel Adapter
      Saddle Hardware
      Western Saddle Support Bar Clamps (2 Pcs, DOES NOT INCLUDE NUT)
      Rear Hub Bearings
      Cartridge Bearings
      Basket Hardware
      Trike Basket Mounting Hardware
      49 Lbs.
      Weight Limit
      250 Lbs.
      Recommended Fit
      5'0" to 6'4"
      Weight Limit
      250 Lbs.

      Reviewed by

      Sun Traditional Review on November 9, 2019

      Sun Bicycles have been building quality adult tricycles for over forty years and has become the largest seller of adult tricycles in the world. I personally know Jack and Ben, the owners at Sun Bicycles, and there are no harder working guys in the bike business. Sun Bicycle’s philosophy has always been to offer good quality products at a low price and then stand behind the product. Sun really is the best in the industry, they carry in incredible amount of replacement parts so you can be assured if you need a replacement part they will more than likely have it in stock.

      Frame: The frame on the Sun Traditional is MIG welded together in Taiwan and has a 250 Lbs. capacity. The frame is easily put together by bolting the rear section to the front by using four bolts. The Sun Traditional’s frame design gives you an extremely low step-through for easy on and off access. Sun offers the trike in red, blue, purple, mint, yellow, and black.

      Gearing: The stock setup of the Sun Traditional is a one speed freewheel. Sun has lot of options, one speed coaster brake, three speed coaster brake, five speed coaster brake and seven speed with two hand brakes. Adding some gears to the trike is a nice addition if you have to ride into the wind or up a hill.

      Braking: The Sun Traditional uses a “V” style front brake which is welded to the fork of the trike. The “V” brake come with oversize brake pads and can stop the trike more than sufficiently. The braking will vary depending on which wheel set you choose. The best stopping can be achieved on the aluminum rim followed by the steel rim and then the Mag wheels. If you order the Traditional in a three speed or five speed you will get that old school coaster brake hub like you had when you were a kid so you can stop the trike by pedaling a quarter turn backwards. If you opt for the seven speed version you can stop the trike with the front hand brake or rear hand brake. The seven speed Traditional adds a rear disc brake which will stop the drive rear wheel.

      Seat: Big, oversized, Western style seat with rear support bars. The seat is probably the best seat on the market for Traditional trikes. The Western style seat is contoured to fit your bottle and the shape of your leg. Wider does not always equal more comfortable, The Western style is very comfortable, but if you are looking for the ultimate, Sun makes a fitted gel seat pad the can easily slip over the existing seat. The rear support bars positioned the seat farther back on the trike which adds stability and the rider pedal will be farther out in front. There is something about this position which older people really like, for some reason older people do not like the pedals underneath them like on a traditional two wheel bike.

      Ride: We like the ride on the Sun Traditional. The cranks are positioned a bit farther forward which gives the Sun Traditional a more recreational feel and adds stability. While moving the cranks farther forward helps stability it also makes riding the trike standing a bit more awkward. The Sun Traditional handling is precise and predictable, and all of our testers thought Sun has offered up a good designed product.

      Wheels: Sun offers lot of wheel choices for the Traditional. The stock setup is with alloy rims and stainless steel spokes, you can also get heavy duty steel wheels which come with thicker gauge spokes and a heavy duty steel rim. The Mag wheels are molded from a plastic like material which will not rust and should not get out of true. A popular option is tire liner to help prevent flat tires.

      Other Stuff: Large rear basket, front fender and reflectors set are included.

      Pros: The Sun Traditional brings safety, durability and stability to everyone who rides this well built trike. Features; sealed rear axle bearings, extra wide Western style seat, heavy duty rear basket and three different types of wheels to choose from. The frame is Mig welded together and the construction is solid. The trike is very corrosion resistant; paint is applied evenly and consistently.

      Cons: Only a 250 Lbs weight limit.

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      Very good

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      Fun to ride. Looks great. Absolutely love it!

      Salam Mas

      White Sun Traditional

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      <p>My trike rides very well and the seat is very comfortable. My only complaint is the I oiled the chain and the paint is now stained from the oil getting on the paint.</p>