Ricksycle Trike
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Ricksycle Trike

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    Hand Made in the Canada

    The Ricksycle is made in North America out of aircraft grade aluminum. The Ricksycle is only 100 pounds and can be disassembled easily into four pieces.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Ricksycle

    The Ricksycle is truly one of the most unique cycles on the market today. First introduced in 2004, Ricksycle has become an extremely popular cycle. The Ricksycle are not only fun for family recreation, but also a solution for many couples with special riding needs. This self-balancing cycle is also ideal for resorts, rental businesses, personal use, special needs use or other special applications where fun and ease of use is a priority.

    Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Ricksycle:

    Do Both Riders Have to Pedal?

    Not necessarily. Ricksycle features two independent power trains. In other words, each rider powers the wheels on their own side. Therefore, as long as one person pedals, the tricycle is driven in the same way as on single seat adult trikes. One wheel can power the tricycle. Consequently each rider can pedal the Ricksycle either alone or together with their partner. This is particularly important in a case where one rider is physically unable to actively pedal.

    Do both cranks (pedals) turn simultaneously (in cadence) as is the case with a tandem bicycle?

    Absolutely not. Each rider pedals at their own rate. When you are not pedaling on your side, your pedals do not turn. Pedal when you want at your own pace. However, in the case of physical therapy where you way wish to force one rider's pedals to turn all the time, this can easily be accomplished. Inquire at the time you order.

    Is the Ricksycle available with different gearing?

    Yes. The Ricksycle come with a standard mountain bike twenty one speed drive train. Each rider controls their own gear shifter. This is a very unique feature of the Ricksycle as each rider selects their gear that they are most comfortable using. This is important because in most cases riders have different pedaling strength and abilities. The Ricksycle is also available with and internal twelve speed hub.

    How Do You Stop The Ricksycle?

    The Ricksycle has 3 independent brakes for sure, safe stops. Either rider can stop the cycle by simply using there hand brake or the captain can stop the tricycle using the hand brake located on the steering stick. The brake lever also has a parking brake feature. Simply push a button on the lever and the parking brake is engaged. This is particularly useful when parking the cycle on a slight incline or also simply to prevent it from rolling when getting on or off the trike. You will also appreciate the fact that the rear brakes are disc brakes fore sure stopping in wet conditions, so should you get caught in an unexpected rain shower, your Ricksycle will still perform reliably and safely.

    How Do You Steer The Ricksycle?

    Steering is easy and natural with our steering stick system. Simply push the stick forward to turn left and pull the stick back to turn right. Normally one rider is designated as "The Captain" and controls the stick. This can be accomplished from either seat.

    Can Different Size Riders Ride Together?

    Certainly. Each side of the frame is independently adjustable without the need for tools. Unlike most vehicles with a single bench the seat is independently adjustable. The Ricksycle allows for each rider to set the seat for their own comfort level. In most cases, the Ricksycle is appropriate for riders from 4?11" to 6?3". Approximately 24" Inseam.

    What Seating Options are Available?

    The seats on the Ricksycle is a heavy duty canvas. We also offer a special need seat which attaches to the stock seat and can be easily removed.

    Is the Ricksycle Appropriate for Active Seniors?

    No doubt about it. Today more than ever people recognize the benefits of aerobic exercise. Seniors are more aware of this than most as their doctors are urging them to stay active to stay young. Seniors are seeking safe, low impact activities. They also want to have fun! Riding side by side with a companion is not only good for physical activity but also provides a stimulating, social experience.

    Is the Ricksycle Suitable for Children to Ride?

    The Ricksycle is a true family vehicle. Since the frame adjust so easily the Ricksycle can easily adjusted to most size riders. (from pre-teen to super senior). However, the captain of the Ricksycle should be a responsible adult. Since seating is side by side, riders can truly share the experience. Parents can bond with their children from generation to generation. With the optional seatbelt, even smaller children can be strapped in to the seat and be taken for a ride.

    Can People with Physical Disabilities Ride the Ricksycle?

    Since our introduction of the Ricksycle back in 2004, we have seen and heard of so many wonderful uses of the cycle for special needs situations. In fact, this has been so rewarding to us as we have received so may letters, e-mails and other correspondence telling us just how wonderful the Ricksycle has been for special needs riders. First, since the Ricksycle has independent pedals systems, as long as there is one able bodied rider, the cycle can be useful. Physical Therapists has found the Ricksycle to be ideal for developing motor skills and other therapeutic activities. Since the seating is side by side, monitoring and communicating with the special needs rider is easy, safe and convenient. The Ricksycle has proven useful for those with balance problems, motor skills challenges, strength issues and more. These cycles are ideal for visually impaired riders as they can share the riding experience with the sighted partners. Many leading institutions now use our Ricksycle for physical therapy, occupational therapy, coordination training and the like.

    Seeing the smiles of many special people who have benefited from riding our cycles is a wonderful reward for all involved.

    Where Can the Ricksycle Trike be Ridden?

    The Ricksycle is designed for use on paved or smooth hard-pack surfaces. The overall width is 45", so plan your routes accordingly. As is the case with all adult trikes, you will want to ride on relatively flat areas. If you wish to ride in hilly areas, you may wish to consider our electric power assist options. (see below). Today, there are so many wonderful trails and paths that have been created for cycling. Get out and enjoy yourself. Naturally all rules for safety should be obeyed.

    What other Options are Available for the Ricksycle?

    We try to offer choices to help make the Ricksycle just right for each customer. That is one of the advantages of being a full fledged cycle manufacturer. Here is a listing of many of the popular options

    Kevlar Belted Tires

    Foot/Pedal Straps Seatbelts

    Canopy Roof, Trailer

    Electric Power Assist

    Bar End Mirrors, Battery Operated Lights

    Mega-horn Ding-Dong Bell

    Can the Team Ricksycle be Motorized?

    Yes. We currently offer a battery operated electric drive system for the Ricksycle. This Hub engine is integrated into the rear wheel and is operated by a spring-loaded thumb throttle. This powerful system is ideal for hill climbing, long rides or simply for those who have limited pedaling capacity. While this system is not inexpensive, it has been very successful for those people who require this assistance or truly use their Ricksycle as a primary transportation vehicle.

    How Does the Ricksycle Ship and How Much Assembly is Required?

    We are happy to report that the Ricksycle ships via UPS, in four pieces.


    85" Long by 48" Wide

    Seat Height from Ground 21 3/4"

    Seat Back Height 35''

    Weight Capacity 550 Pounds


    Parts may vary due to supply

    Frame 6160 aluminum –

    TIG welded – powder coated
    Colours Maroon red, medium

    blue, lizard green
    Wheel – Front 24” alloy black –

    with quick release
    Wheel – Rear 24” Alex Rims DX32

    with Deore fh475 hub with nut
    Tires – Rear CST cruiser bike

    tire – 24” x 2.125” with VEE Rubber flat resistant tube
    Brakes Avid BB5

    mechanical disc brake system with 160mm rotors
    Front Derailleur Shimano TY30

    Rear Derailleur Shimano Tourney 21

    speed c-050 rapid rise
    Speeds 21
    Cluster Shimano 7 speed

    hyper glide HG70 cassette – 13-34
    Front chain ring 24-34-42
    Crank set An unusual looking

    set of cranks allowing you to pedal with nothing between

    your legs. Made with 3/4” 4140 hardened steel and industrial

    bearings. Cranks are 152mm.
    Seat Cordura rot

    resistant nylon
    Standard fittings Front and rear

    Track 42 inches (1066mm)
    Overall width 48 inches (1220mm)
    Seat height/angle 18 inches (46cm) /

    70 degrees – fixe, 36" Wide
    Weight Basic unit – 85

    lbs – 39 k, 400 Lbs Max Capacity

    Shipping Zone Map

    https://www.fedex.com/templates/components/apps/wgsm/images/outbound/p6145uc.png https://www.industrialbicycles.com/images/fedex-days.png