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We no longer sell any Worksman brand Bicycle and Tricycle although we do have many original and aftermarket replacement parts in stock.

Please check out our new preferred alternative to the INB, The higher quality Husky HD-120!

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    Audible Warning Device:

    Basket Front:

    Basket Liner Front:

    Basket Liner Rear:

    Basket Rear:

    Bottom Bracket:

    Chain Ring:




    Drivetrain / Gears:

    Drum Brake:




    Handlebar Stem:


    Light Front:

    Light Rear:



    Motor Kit:

    Motor Kit Battery:


    Pedal Options:

    Rack Bag:



    Seat Post:

    Seat Post Clamp Quick Release:

    Tire Liners:

    Tire Sealant:




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    Made in America

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    Received my Worksman bike after waiting five weeks and I
    will have to say I am disappointed. This bike is Made in USA and I
    thought I would get a higher quality bike by buying a Made in USA bike rather
    that some bike made in Asia, I was wrong! The bike came poorly packaged
    and had places where the paint was rubbed off. The paint was about as
    good as you could spray on with a spray can from Home Depot. I need a
    bike to support someone over 350 Lbs that is why I choose this bike. If I
    had to do it over I would have bought the Husky Brand Bicycle.</p>

    Pittsburgh Pa

    INB Bike

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    <p>I am a heavy man and needed an extra heavy duty bicycle. I purchased the Worksman INB Bicycle because it came with a 400 Lbs weight capacity. I have had the bike for one year so here is what I found good and not so good. The bike is very strong, and I am sure it would carry even more than 400 Lbs. The frame is made the old school way with lugs like bike that were made in the 40's thought the 70's. The rims and spokes are the thickest I have ever seen and are very strong. The bike has a nice ride and you sit upright which is more comfortable than those mountain or road bikes. So here is where the bike came up short. Paint could have been better, the paint did not look smooth and was thin in places. Plastic pedals broke after two months but I am not sure if it was due to the pedals being low quality or my extra weight. I will give the seat only a 4 out of 10 on comfort, I did upgrade my seat to a wide more comfortable gel seat from Serfas which is more comfortable.</p>

    Mackinaw Island Michigan

    Work bike for Mackinaw Island Michigan

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    <p>Review if my Worksman INB Bike. I wanted to purchase an American made bike or as American as I could get. I wanted a heavy duty bike, I want it to last a long time and need as little maintenance as possible. I work on Mackinaw Island Michigan where there their are no cars so a bike or walking is the only way to get around. I purchased my bike in March 2015 and worked until the end of August 2015 in the Island. My bike was ridden every day with no brake downs. The bike is very heavy duty, the spokes and rims are extra thick. The bike came with a nice wide seat that was comfortable enough. So I am only going to give the bike a three star rating because of the workmanship. The paint was not so good, by the end of the season the frame had rust around where the frame was welded together due to the frame not being cleaned properly before being painted. Second was the steel rims. By the end of the season the steel rims had quite a bit of rust on them. The bike did sit out side in the rain over the summer but it did seam to rust quicker than some of my friends bikes.</p>