Catrike Trail Side Front

Catrike Trail Folding Trike (CATRIKETRAILFOLD)

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The Catrike Trail Folding comes with a convenient folding feature which makes the Trail easy to store and transport.The Trail come with a new padded seat which is very comfortable and yet still breathable.The Catrike Trail Folding is not only easy...
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Wasilla, AK

very well constructed but I regret my choice

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I regret purchasing my Catrike Trail. While Catrike has never, to my knowledge, stated that this trike is good for off road use I think the common mentality is that it is to be used on trails and that trails come in forms other than asphalt and may have a coefficient of friction lower than that of the road. So do what I failed to do before I spent $3,000 on my trike. Look at the tires and ask yourself, if you plan on going on trails that aren’t’ made of sometime of stone, do you really want a trike with skinny road bike tires for your off road adventure? I wish I hadn’t bought mine, hopefully I can save you from experiencing the same regret that I have. There are a lot of great trikes out there for riding off road. This isn't one of them.

Reviews 1-1 of 1