Catrike 700 Side Front

Catrike 700 Trike (CAT700)

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The new Catrike 700 is designed to be fast and efficient. A low, aerodynamic body position and lightweight vertebrae-spaceframe put the rider it the perfect position to generate power and speed. The 700c Thru-Axle rear wheel offers excellent power...
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Fast Fast Fast

<p>I have both a Catrike Expedition and a new Catrike 700. I have had my Expedition for three years and my Catrike 700 for six months. I really like both trikes and they really do ride quite differently. If I am going to ride with my wife or friends I take my Expedition Trike because it has a more comfortable ride. If I am going to ride by myself I will take my new Catrike 700. The Catrike 700 is incredibly fast with its super low seat and laid back angle the trike is very aerodynamic. With the low seat height and laid back seat angle this trike rides like a roller coaster on track, no matter how sharp you turn the trike it does not feel like it is going to go up on to two wheels. The Catrike 700 has a higher gear ratio and larger 700c rear wheel which makes the trike faster. The super skinny Schwalbe tires and skinny light weight wheels makes the Catrike 700 faster rolling. I was really surprised how much faster the Catrike 700 is over my Expedition and really enjoy riding it. Now I will say that the Catrike 700 is not for most people looking to buy a trike. The Catrike 700 would be difficult for most trike buyers to get in and out of.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1