SUN SEEKER EZ-TriClassic SX SUN SEEKER EZ-TriClassic SX Delta Style Recumbent Trike

SUN SEEKER EZ-TriClassic SX (69326)

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If riding a regular recumbent is easy and comfortable, then riding a recumbent trike is even better. With the EZ Tri Classic recumbent trike, the rider gets the comfort and mechanical pedaling advantage along with the stability and confidence a...
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Ann Arbor Michigan

My new Electric Trike

<p>I have had my Sun EZ Tri Classic for three years. When I first got it I rode it a lot but later had some health issued where I was off my trike for about one year. When I started riding again I found out that I was much weaker than I was when I got my trike. I had a motor kit installed by with a Lithium Ion battery. The motor is really unbelievable on how much power it has, I can make it up all the hill by my home with ease now. The trike rides very well and I am very pleased that I can ride again. The motor kit, battery and new fork was over $2100.00 which was double the price of the trike! I did choose there best motor and battery combo because I was afraid of being stranded away from home. After three months of use on my trike with the new motor battery combo I have had no problems and am really enjoying riding my trike again.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1