Hp Velotechnik Streetmachine

Hp Velotechnik Streetmachine GTE (Streetmachine)

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Hp Velotechnik Streetmachine GTE Recumbent bike has a very enjoyable ride, lean back, relax, and enjoy your bike with a view. The Streetmachine Gte has been designed to to create what is probably the best long distance touring bike you can buy. The...
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Velotechnik Streetmachine after 10k Miles

<p>The Streetmachine is the third recumbent I have ridden over 10K miles and is by far the most reliable and comfortable. The features like full suspension are well developed and functional. The mesh seat headrest is also very durable and comfortable with well designed mounting to permit easy adjustment for support.</p><p>The cargo provisions with under seat and rear rack pannier mounts maximizes touring capability and the chain tubes allows riding without contact with chain lube.</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1