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Terratrike Chrager Recumbent Trike

TerraTrike Charge Electric Trike ()

4.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
Take charge and harness the potential of electric assist without sacrificing quality or your wallet. Featuring the smooth& trusted Promovec e-bike system, a comfortable & sturdy hi-ten steel frame, adaptive drivetrain, and smooth 20” tires.Unlock a...
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The Smith's

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We bought two trikes from, a Terratrike Charger, and a Terratrike EVO, for my wife and me. Initially, my wife opted for the Charger, considering it a more budget-friendly choice, anticipating she wouldn't ride as frequently as I would. Despite her initial contentment with the Charger's lower price, she found its acceleration a bit too quick for her comfort, leading to some uneasiness on the trike.

Upon testing, I noticed the Charger indeed accelerates faster than the EVO, but I didn't mind the swifter pace. Fortunately, swapping trikes turned out to be a simple solution. I made a minor adjustment by extending the boom about an inch on the Charger for myself and shortening the EVO's boom by an inch for her.

Overall, we've thoroughly enjoyed our trikes, and they have operated flawlessly. My wife often expresses regret that we didn't discover recumbent trikes sooner, highlighting the positive impact they've had on our cycling experience.