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Rambler EVO Bosch

TerraTrike Rambler EVO Bosch Electric Trike (TT800297)

5.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
Electric Assist EVO(lved)! TerraTrike’s latest Electric Vehicle Option, the Bosch Rambler E.V.O., is powered by the award winning Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery. With a whisper quiet motor and a deceptive...
Toronto Canada

Impulsive decision

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I am typically not an impulsive shopper but I visited the Toronto bike show and had seen the Terratrike Rambler EVO in the Bosch booth at the show. The good people at Bosch allowed me to test ride the trike on the indoor test rack at the show. I was very surprised at how natural the motor felt, no harsh accelerations just very fluid and smooth. The controls were very simple just four levels of assistance to choose from. I wanted to also know about the trike, the people at Bosch said the trike was on loan to them for the show from and I should go over at get all the details about the trike from them. I found the booth a few minutes later and talked to a very informed young lady. She told me all about the trike how the seat can be adjusted, handlebar adjustment and how the trike should be fitted to me. I was very excited about the trike and thanked her for her time and information. At $6800.00 Canadian I did not know if that was a good price or not. I could not get that trike out of my head and I started to check out all the two wheel electric bikes at the show with Bosch motors. I found that the trike had a lower cost than most brands of bikes with Bosch motors. I went back to the Bosch booth and asked to ride the trike again and they said sure no problem. I rode it round and round on the test track comparing Eco mode to Turbo mode and all the modes in between. After the second test ride I really thought I wanted the trike but though I was being impulsive. I thought I should go get some lunch and watch some of the kids doing there trick on the bikes and slow down and think why I should or should not buy this trike. I went back to the booth and asked the people to please tell me more about Terratrike and the Rambler EVO trike. I told them I was very interested and asked them if they could show me how to be properly sized on the trike which they did. I walked the bike show for about another ten minutes returning to the booth for the third time. I thought this is crazy spending this much money. I could not believe it but I pulled the trigger and purchased the trike. I am so glad I did and cannot weight for the weather to turn nicer so I can ride outside without freezing.