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Summit Workhorse Industrial Bicycle

Workhorse Industrial Bike Mens (WorkMens)

5.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
Our Workhorse Heavy Duty 26" industrial bicycle is ideal for riding on most types of surfaces. This model is designed for use in workplace as a personnel transport vehicle. The Workhorse is our strongest and highest quality industrial bicycle. The...
York Pa


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I wanted a simple heavy duty bicycle that I can ride in both summer and winter. A lot of Industrial bicycle are pretty close to the same on the market with heavy duty rims and heavy duty spokes but I have found the Workhorse is the best. What set the Workhorse apart were the Stainless Steel fenders. I looked at the Husky bicycles which were very close but came with black painted steel fenders which will look bad after about one year. I had a Worksman bike and the chrome plated fenders last about one month before turning to rust. The Worksman frame was also poorly prepared before painting and rusted quickly by the welded area. I have has my Workhorse bicycle for almost a year and have rode it throughout the winter and it still looks very good.