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Trident Transport Red 26

Trident Transport Trike (TRANSPORT)

2.00 stars, based on 1 reviews
The Trident Transport Recumbent Trike is Tridents answer to those $4k High End Models that other manufacturers make that everyone drools over, but in reality few can afford. The Trident Transport is available in either a 20” Rear Wheel or a 26”...
Flint Michigan

My trike

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I am only going to give my Trident Transport a grade of a “C”. The Trident Transport look good on paper, Rack, Fenders, Mirror, Light all included but you can do better buying your accessories after market. My fender broke, the mirror is barely adequate and the light is not bright enough. The Microshift components have worked ok but I would have preferred Shimano or SRAM components, I guess this is how Trident was able to give away all those accessories. The handling is good and the ride for a rigid trike seems to be about what you expect out of a rigid trike. The trike does fold nicely and the handlebars are easily adjustable. The finish on the parts also get my “C” Rating, adequate but nothing better.