Easy Load Support Stand
Price: $259.00


    The Easy Load Ramp Support Stand is an adjunct product for the Easy Load Ramp Systems. It was designed for those folks whose trike transporting vehicle does not have a receiver hitch or for those not wanting to incur the expense of buying and installing a hitch but wanting to use the unique ELRS. The top horizontal bar of the Stand acts as the Receiver Hitch Insert of the basic ELRS.
    Durable and compact the Stand when folded flat is 2” high and stores easily with the Ramps. The 17” arm is locked vertically by a gravity lock and swings up/down in either direction. ELRS by simply inserting the vertical leg of the Ramp Support “T” into the large hole in the center of the horizontal piece of the Stand. The “T” is then adjusted to a height matching the floor of the transporting vehicle, snugged up against the bumper of a van or SUV, or lowered tail gate of a pick-up. With the Ramps installed it is used just as if the “T” were inserted into a receiver hitch.