EZ Load Ramp System
Price: $680.00

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    The ELRS is our basic ramp system this system consists of 2 Ramps, 1 Ramp Support “T” (“T”) and 1 Receiver Hitch Insert (RHI). The ramps are 5’ in length with side walls ~2” in height and they are ~3” wide. There is a 2’ Ramp Extension which nests outside the Ramp and flips over onto the floor of the vehicle to which the trike will be loaded. The Ramp has a U channel latch which fits over the horizontal bar of the “T”. The “T” fits into the RHI which is inserted into the vehicles 2” receiver hitch. The “T” is held in place with a 5/8” machine screw and the RHI is held in place in the vehicle receiver hitch with a Hitch Tite. There is a lock available which mates with the Hitch Tite. Ramp spacing on the “T” is marked with four Ramps Spacers. The ramps are removed from the “T”  nd stowed on the floor of the vehicle under the trike. Most people leave the RHI and “T” on the vehicle as it does not interfere with rear hatch operation. The ELRS is ideal for loading a trike into a van or a smaller SUV. Three ramps areavailable for loading the trike with the single wheel first or if you are nesting two trikes (one trike two wheels first and the second trike single wheel first) in a wider van.

    Model ELRS