Easy Load Ramp System Single Upright Bicycle Rack
Price: $298.00


    This single upright bicycle rack is designed to be mounted on either the ELT or the ELT-XL Easy Load Tray Rack

    The Bike Rack carries one upright bike and is attached to the Receiver Hitch Insert of either the ELT or the ELT-XL. The attach point is clearly marked on the RHI with a sticker in white letters. The bike rack shown is our proof of concept model. As such it is not painted but it does show concept and attach point. The Bike Rack is tall enough to allow a 20” front wheel of a recumbent trike to roll under the outside bike pedal. If the trike front wheels are larger the pedal of the trike might have to be removed for loading purposes and then reinstalled after unloading.