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KENDA Konversion Elite
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 BMX race-specific tire designed to excel on today`s demanding tracks Lightweight casing and folding beads allow for snappy acceleration Front and Rear application DTC - Dual Tread Compound is a combination of two different rubber compounds, L3R Pro (center knobs) and Stick-E rubber (corner knobs) ICAPB - Utilizing the same protective material that is in the full Iron Cap protection but limited to just under the tread surface, offering added puncture protection at a...

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 The Roamer is ready for anything from your daily commute, a trip to the store, or a long weekend of touring the back roads KI - Kelvar Inside, Kevlar belting beneath the tread SW - SilkWorm increases puncture and tear resistance with a reinforced breaker beneath the tread surface DC - Dual Compound tread provides a lower rolling resistance center paired with extra grip for the corners B2B - 2 ply nylon breaker beneath the tread surface made for road tires EBIKE -...