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    Audible Warning Device:

    Back Rest:

    Basket Front:

    Basket Liner Front:

    Bottom Bracket:

    Chain Ring:



    Drivetrain / Gears:



    Handlebar Stem:


    Light Front:

    Light Rear:



    Motor Kit:

    Motor Kit Battery:

    Pedal Options:

    Rear Cargo Option:


    Seat Post:

    Seat Post Clamp Quick Release:

    Tire Liners:

    Tire Sealant:




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    The Worksman Tri Tandem is an in line adult tricycle built for two people. Just like a bicycle built for two with one rider behind the other, but in a tricycle form, the Tri-Tandem Tricycle is fun and durable. The Tri Tandem is perfect for Special Needs families and people looking for the safty of three wheel rather than two. This sturdy tricycle features heavy duty wheels, with super heavy duty spokes and rims, Motercycle type front drum brake with rear coaster (foot) brake, easy on-off fully lugged frame, rear basket mounted to steel platform, smooth riding 26x2.125 front tire with 24x2.125 rear tires, thickly padded saddles, upright handlebars.

    Besides fun and recreation, many people find this cycle to be useful for therapeutic uses, allowing rear riders with special needs to enjoy the fun and benefit of cycling. Weight capacity 500 pounds.

    The Tri-Tandem makes tandem fun available to everyone! With no need to balance, and a wide, stable ride, the Tri-Tandem offers the joy of riding a tandem with the safety and stability of a one-seater tricycle. It's great for all couples!

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    Timberlake Virginia

    Our Tri-Tandem

    <p>This works great for us. I like the stability of the three wheels. The tricycle is heavy, but I like how solid it is. Our other grandchild is envious and waiting to ride with me the next time she visits. Thankfully, the seats are nicely padded. We’ve gone out for ½ hour rides, and I know we can increase that in better weather. I debated about ordering gearing or changing the chain ring or both. I ordered the 3 speed and I am using all gears and I am fine with this. But I should have ordered fenders for all 3 wheels.</p>