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MAGURA HS33 Rim Brake
Price: $161.44
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 Closed design hydraulic rim brakes Mounts to cantilever brake post studs Integrated reach adjust Compatible with all trigger and grip shifters Streamlined alloy brake lever  Includes flip-flop lever, 1350mm pre-bled hose, stud-mounted hydraulic rim slave cylinders, mounting hardware and brake boosters Black/Silver Black/Silver Single

MAGURA HS33 Rim Brake Unicycle Braze On Adapter
Price: $48.42
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 Designed to fit the Magura HS33 brake, will fit other Magura brakes in the same range Kit includes:  1 pair Magura clamps 1 pair straight Magura bosses 1 pair bent Magura bosses 1 pair resined rings 4 mounting bolts 4 mounting bolts Note: May require welding or brazing mounting tabs onto your frame