Husky T-124C Industrial Tricycle With Rear Cabinet

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    ur Husky T-124C Industrial Tricycle is an economical, safe and

    efficient means of transportation in the workplace. The T-124C is fun to

    ride, stable, and offers excellent handling. This model comes with a

    rear steel cabinet 20" x 15" x 16" with a locking latch and heavy duty

    24" wheels.

    The 2-piece steel frame is connected using large

    heavy duty frame bolts. The frame is specially designed with a CURVED

    front down tube, making it easy to get on and off the tricycle. The

    unique frame construction allows this tricycle to be UPS or FexEx

    shippable. Front and rear drive axles are supported with industrial

    grade sealed cartridge bearings, minimizing resistance and offer

    smoother riding. Super strong front v-type brake and brake lever with a

    spring-loaded push-in lever lock pin to prevent the tricycle from moving

    when parked.

    This model is shipped 65% pre-assembled in two

    cartons. We can also ship you the T-124C 100% assembled to your home or

    place of business by truck.



    Please refer to product owners' manual for details on our warranty policy

    - Heavy duty hi-tensile and chromoly steel fork and frame
    - Shimano � coaster brake hub
    - 1/2� x 3/16� heavy duty industrial chain
    - 17mm rear axle with sealed cartridge bearings
    - One-piece forged steel crank set with 4mm thick 36-tooth sprocket.
    - Front and rear wheel hubs with sealed cartridge bearings
    - 11-gauge 36-spoked wheels with steel rims.
    - Front and rear fenders painted in black.
    - Front V-type aluminum brake with safety parking lever
    - 13" jumbo comfort Husky cruiser saddle
    - Base model comes with 21� x 15� x 9� steel basket
    - Full reflector mounted in front, rear (mounted on fenders), and wheels.
    - 24x2.125 balloon tires
    - Extra thick heavy duty, thorn resistant tubes
    - Unassembled model is packed in 2 cartons, UPS/FEDEX Ground shippable

    Weight Capacity: 500 lbs., including the weight of rider.

    Shipping Weight:
    Box Size 39" x 25" x 10" Weight 43 lbs
    Box Size 41" x 24" x 8.5 " Weight 40.5 lbs
    Box Size 22" x 17.5" x 19" Weight 30 lbs

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