10 Speed Ultra Wide Range Cassette

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We have people from time to time want some crazy drive train built for there trike with crazy low gearing. Just the other day we had someone who wanted a 16 tooth front sprocket on the crank and wanted a second chainring with 42 teeth. Yes that will get you some ultra low gearing but there is no way to shift that broad of a change, nor does anyone make a derailleur that will work.

We now have available a cassette with a 40 Tooth low gear cog! Most 10sp cassettes largest cog is a 36 Tooth so having four teeth lower can be quite the big deal for some people.

  • 10sp MTB 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-34-40
  • 11-28 are steel and 34-40 are hard anodized 7075-T6 Al
  • For 10spd Shimano/SRAM Mid or Long cage MTB derailleurs only
  • For 1X10 or 2×10 MTB drivetrains only (adjust chain length accordingly)
  • Avg. Weight 322g +/-
  • The goal of this cassette is a no sacrifice, no compromise ‘Wide-Range’ 10sp MTB cassette that you can use an unmodified 10sp rear derailleur with. 11-40 gearing allows this all while using your existing 10sp wheels. No modifications, No adaptors.
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