Battery Lead Acid 48V 9Ah
Price: $300.00


    48 Volt 9 Amp Hour - Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Electric Bicycle Battery Pack
    Comes in EASY to Carry & Weather-Proof Canvas Bag

    Built in the USA every e-bike battery pack ships professionally soldered and is completely "Plug & Ride" with high-quality Anderson Powerpole connectors.

    UL RoHS Certification

    Includes 3 Amp SLA Smart Charger


    • Extra Wide Velcro Straps for Securing to a Rear Rack
    • Professionally Soldered Wiring
    • Anderson Powerpole Connectors
    • Durable Handle
    • Reflective Strip for Safety


    TOP SPEEDS: 28MPH w/ 500w Direct-Drive Motor
    RANGE: 12-34 Miles (Rider Weight, Rider Input and Terrain Contingent)
    CHARGING TIME: 9ah pack = 3hrs / Amp Charger = 3 amps charged per hour
    CYCLE LIFE: 150-250 cycles (charge - discharge cycles before nominal capacity falls below 80%)

    VOLTAGE: 48V
    WEIGHT: 22lbs
    DIMENSIONS: L 8" (203mm) x W 6" (152mm) x H 3.75" (95mm)


    INPUT: AC100V-240V~, 1.8A(MAX.) 50/60Hz
    OUTPUT: DC54.0V--3.0A