Trailmate Banana Peel Trike

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    Trailmate Banana Peel recumbent trikes are loved by pre-teens and adolescents. The Trailmate Banana Peel si a slightly smaller version of the adult size Trailmate Fun Cycle, it provides outrageous fun. Hang onto the grab handles and you're on your way to the ride of your life. The wild twists and hairpin turns are a blast. It's the coolest styling to scream down any bike path.


    Weather-resistant nylon bucket seat

    Rust-proof Skyway Mag wheels

    Front coaster brake

    Front carrying handle

    Safety flags

    3 sizes to choose from:
    Fun Cycle - Adults
    Banana Peel - Adolescents & Teens
    Mini Peel - Kids


    Size: 23" H x 48" L x 32" W

    Weight Capacity: 150lbs.

    Height Capacity: 3'8" to 5'1"

    Wheel Size: 16"

    Box Size 36"x22"x16"

    Box Weight 39 Lbs

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    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Such Joy

    My son has some balance issues and we wanted him to be able to ride with his brothers and friend in the neighborhood. I wanted him to just do kids thing like all the other boys in the neighborhood. The Trailmate Banana has been wonderful, it is really a joy to see him riding and enjoying the trike so much.

    Muncie Indiana

    to much fun

    <p>Bought a pair of these for my twin boys and now it is their favorite thing to do. They set up cones in our driveway and chase each other around the cones. They ride these trikes hard and a lot; they have almost worn out a set of tires in three months. I am so happy they are outside doing something physical and having fun. I wish I could fit on the Banana Peel to chase them but my kids would be so much faster than me. It is so fun to watch them race around; they play cops and robbers and take turn trying to catch each other.</p>

    <p>I bought this bike for my 11 year old daughter. she has TAR syndrome, with that syndrome she has short arms. so a regular bike would not do for her. so looking around I found this Banana Peel bike. Its reasonably priced and looks good. One of the down falls is the lack of color options. she loves it. The grab handles dont work for her but that doesnt stop her. I would recommend this bike to anybody. Thanks</p>