Greenspeed Magnum Handcycle Recumbent Trike

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    The Greenspeed Magnum Handcycle Recumbent trike has finally made the jump from a custom trike to a production trike. Greenspeed has been building hand cycles to order since 1992, these machines have been shipped to owners all over the world. Greenspeed hand cycles are different, they are based on a recumbent tadpole style trike rather than a wheel chair with an extra front wheel.
    The Greenspeed Magnum Handcycle is rear wheel drive, which gives the rider superior traction over a front wheel drive hand cycle. The Greenspeed handcycle turning circle is very small making them ideal for manoeuvring in tight places.
    Right from the start Greenspeed realized that hand cycles riders could not easily get off their machines and push it up hill if it was to steep. So Greenspeed added an extra set of low gears which enables riders to climb steep hills when they felt they needed the challenge. The Greenspeed Hand Magnum comes with three gearing systems. A nine speed derailleur system, a three speed internal rear hub, and two speed crank system. This gives the trike a gear range of 946% or from 12 inches to 110 inches. The internal hub gears and the crank gears can be changed either while riding or stationary.

    Greenspeed crank handles are completely clear of the riders hands. The crank handles are easily adjustable for width to suit the shoulder width of the rider. Brake and shifting controls are all on the left handlebar. The handlebar is adjustable fore and aft along with being adjustable for height. The two speed crank can easily be shifted by a button on the centre of the crank.

    Greenspeed's Magnum had cycle can be fitted with the brakes and shifters on the hand crank if the rider prefers. The crank handles are long enough to accept both shifters and brake lever at there top and bottom if the riders chooses.

    The Greenspeed hand cycles have been the benchmark for long distance touring for over twenty years. Greenspeed's experienced engineers have developed the Magnum hand cycle to to be vestal, strong and light weight. The Magnum hand cycle share many of the same grate features that has made other Greenspeed trikes one of the best quality and design in the trike business today.

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    I have an autoimmune disorder that has destroyed the nerves in my legs such that I can only walk with braces on both legs and with two canes. I had always been an outdoor and athletic person. My life has been seriously circumscribed for 12 years. The Greenspeed Magnum Handcycle has allowed me to to be active outside once again and to get serious aerobic and strengthening exercise. Well built and well designed. Love it.

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    <p>I have one of these trikes and it is great for off road </p><p>the tadpole set up is much better than a single front wheel</p><p>the gearing is excellent you can climb any hill as long as you keep </p><p>cranking</p>