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V-ICT Ice Cream Tricycle

Built sturdy and tough, our Ice Cream Tricycles have been the industry standard since the beginning of the 20th century. Our standard model trikes shown below continue to be the most popular units both with the local street vendor and corporate client.
These cycles are super durable and naturally require no fuel, emit no fumes and are fun to ride. The front cabinet on the model V-ICT is an insulated stainless steel box measuring 36x23x28" on the outside, thickly insulated with a snap shut air-tight 10x10" door. A dry ice shelf is located inside the cabinet for convenient loading of dry ice. A handy exterior compartment is standard for storing napkins or other items. Using dry ice, these vehicles are ideal for vending pre-packaged novelty ice cream. All Dry Ice models come with a drain for easy interior cleaning. Our Ice Cream Tricycles are made in use in the USA and used in Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia Africa and the USA. Whether you are seeking a single ice cream trike to start a small business or require a fleet to expand your business, call us at (313) 561-2560 so we can assist you in planning your purchase.
ice cream tricycles V-ICT

  • for pre-packaged novelties
  • holds 50 dozen units
  • built in dry ice shelf
  • built in clean out drain
  • tight seal locking snap shut door.
  • exterior cabinet dimensions 36" x 23" x 28"
  • interior space: eight cubic feet

    Shown with options: Custom graphics
    L5B-Welded Front Mag Wheel Upgrade

    Price 1-9 $2149.00 Price 10+ $2129.00

    Choose Your Options:
    Tire Liners
    Tire Sealant
    Front Wheels
    Parking Brake
    Front Sprocket
    Umbrella Bracket
    Hand Wash Sink $599.99
    Front Light Super Bright L.E.D $26.99 #jy-808
    Front Light L.E.D Flashing $21.99 #jy-173a
    Rear Light L.E.D $14.99
    Pedals Flashing L.E.D $29.99 #39001
    Mirror $14.99 #93078
    Reflector Set $9.99
    Flag $8.99 #93489
    Easy Load Ramp System $399.99
    Carrier $849.99
    Shipping Method: Truck ** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **
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    Shopping Terms
    How to Receive Shipment is completely dedicated to our customers Therefore we prefer to talk to each customer individually to make sure you are completely knowledgeable about making the best purchase for your needs. If you have any questions on any product please call any of our sales associate.

    Call Toll Free (800) 561-6670
    or (313) 565-8635

    Shipping size 73"x8"x35" 95 Lbs
    57"x37"x35" 175 Lbs

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