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  • Model : SUN SEEKER EZ-3 USX HD Trike
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  • Price: $1,699.99

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      The EZ-3 USX HD provides all the stability and control available in recumbent trike technology while offering a little more thrill. And when we say HD we mean heavy duty, with 110 psi tires, 48 spoke wheels with double-wall rims, this trike will handle 400 pounds. Setting this trike apart from others is its low center of gravity attained by three 20-inch wheels that are cambered in the rear to increase cornering stability. Also, the EZ-3 USX HD offers powerful brakes on all three wheels, mid-frame suspension and under-the-seat steering. The EZ-3 USX HD might not be for the superhuman daredevil, but it is quite perfect for the casual to intermediate rider, and perfect for sunny days on the bike path or zooming down the boardwalks. The EZ-3 USX features Direct Steering, the new Slotted Seat adjustment system, and rattle-free and infinite-adjust seat struts.

    • Wheel Base: 59.5" (151cm)
    • Overall Length: 78" (198cm)
    • Width: 32" (81cm)
    • Seat Height: 18" (45cm)
    • Weight: 65lbs
    • Weight Limit: 400lbs
    • X-Seam: 36-47"
    • Ultra Silver
    • Component Description Rep Part #
      FrameEZ3 USX HD Main Frame, Custom Steel, TIG-Welded69377
      Left FrameEZ3 USX HD LH Main Frame Section, Custom Steel, TIG-Welded68673
      Front FrameEZ3 USX HD Front Frame, Custom Steel, TIG-Welded68664
      Rear Unit HardwareRear Unit Hardware Kit68692
      ShockEZ3 USX HD Shock, KS-261, 150mm68689
      Frame BearingFrame Pivot Bearing, 32x12mm19072
      Frame Pivot BoltFrame Pivot Bolt, 12mm68593
      Fork1-1/8" High Tensile Steel for USX HD, D-Blade w/Steer Tab27943
      HeadsetSteel Integrated, 28.6x44x30mm, Black35502
      Head/Derailleur Tube CapHead/Derailleur Tube Cap35511
      Rear HeadsetSteel, 28.6x34x30mm Threadless for Underseat Steering35505
      HandlebarAlloy, Recumbent, Underseat33777
      Right HandlebarRight Handlebar Extension USX 22.2mm33776
      Left HandlebarLeft Handlebar Extension USX 22.2mm33775
      StemAlloy, Threadless, 28.6 x70mm x25deg x25.4mm Clamp, Black58170
      Steering LinkageUSX HD Silver68679
      Left Rod EndLeft Hand Thread68686
      Right Rod EndRight Hand Thread68685
      GripsKraton Rubber-Gel, 75mm, 2-Tone Black/Grey
      Front Brake LeverLinear Pull w/Lock, Black/Silver12414
      Rear Brake LeverLinear Dual Pull, Black/Silver13748
      Front BrakeAlloy, Linear Pull, Black12119
      Rear brakePromax DSK-400 Disc w/160mm Rotor120145
      Front ShifterSRAM 3.0 3-Speed Grip Shift53939
      Rear ShifterSRAM 3.0 7-Speed Grip Shift53940
      Front DerailleurMicroshift FD-M22, DP, 31.826233
      Rear DerailleurSRAM X3250057
      FreewheelSunrace (7-Speed) 14-34T18874
      Freewheel AdapterFreewheel Adapter Threaded18800
      Left Rear AxleRear Axle Left Side USX68038
      Right Rear AxleRear Axle Right Side USX67932
      Locking Axle CollarLocking Axle Collar & Spacer EZ3/X3 USX68759
      Internal Snap RingRear Axle Internal Snap Ring USX 2"68678
      Axle BearingRear Unit Axle Bearing 20id x42od x9w EZ3 USX HD19060
      Axle Retaining BoltRear Axle Retaining Bolt/Cap USX RH Sml68718
      Axle Retaining NutRear Axle Retaining Bolt/Cap USX LH Lrg68757
      Hub Retaining BoltTrike Hub Ret Bolt/Cap for Square or Tapered, Black67933
      SaddleRecumbent, w/Tri-Stitch Cover49638
      Seat MeshSeat Back Mesh67218
      Seat BackSteel, Black49657
      Seat CoverTri-Stitch, Permanent49639
      Seat MountSteel for 31.8mm TT67438
      Seat Mount BinderQR M6x88mm Alloy, XL Lever50039
      Seat Back Pivot Bolt10mm, Chrome67232
      Upper StrutSteel 150mm Black67894
      Upper Strut BoltM5x35mm49672
      Upper Strut WasherCurved Nylon Washer49671
      Lower StrutSteel, Pin Type, 700mm Universal50044
      Lower Strut Slide BoltLower Strut Bolt and Nut67238
      Strut Peg QRSteel Pin, QR67237
      Crank SetSun, 170x52/42/30, Alloy, Silver21322
      Bottom BracketSealed Cartridge, 68 x 118mm17126
      Bottom Bracket CoverShell Cover Black68690
      ChainK.M.C. Z51 1/2 x 3/32'' (216 Links)
      Chain TubeGuide Tube16236
      Chain Tube BracketDouble Spring w/Hardware16241
      Chain Tube ClampClamp w/Hardware16242
      PedalsResin Body w/Alloy Cage, 9/16"
      Front HubAlloy, 48H x 14G with Q/R Axle, Black37259
      Rear HubAlloy, 48H x 14G with 14mm Bolt-On Axle, Black, For F/W, Disc Compatible37263
      Front RimAlloy, Double Wall 20'' x 48H x 14G, Black48170
      Rear RimAlloy, Double Wall 20'' x 48H x 14G, Black48170
      Spokes14G Stainless Steel with Brass Nipples, Black
      Front TireMaxxis Hook Worm 20 x 1.95", 110psi60499
      Rear TireMaxxis Hook Worm 20 x 1.95", 110psi60499
      Weight65 Lbs.

      Reviewed By

      The Sun EZ-3 USX is a human-powered, recumbent, three wheeled vehicle. It engages me in a way that the Segway did not. I am amazed this product, what some call a “bent trike,” is not better known.

      What’s significant about the USX? It’s the most comfortable human powered vehicle ever, more comfortable than many cars. It’s safe, practical, and affordable. I hate exercise but I find myself impatient to get my next chance to ride this thing. The USX is potentially a major step forward in promoting conservation and healthy exercise in America.

      Riding the USX is eerie, because it feels like relaxing on a perfect easy chair and performing aerobic exercise at once. You can go fast or slow, and both are wonderful. You can load the thing with 400 total pounds. You can pull carts. Some riders have decked out USX’s with ipod sound systems and other amenities.

      There are some downsides. It’s heavy: 65 pounds. Going up hills is pleasant, but slower than on a bicycle.

      Another big plus: you sit high enough to be noticed by car drivers, though I also added a flag and extra lights to err on the side of caution. Although it looks wide, and encourages cars to give more room than is commanded by bicyclists, it is actually narrow enough to roll through a standard door. You can stand it up on end so it takes minimal room when parked. You can just stop and rest while going up hill- it has a parking brake.

      There are lots of other bent trikes — dozens — but most are “performance-oriented” — made for athletes. Some of the athletic brands are
      ICE, HP Velotechnik and , Catrike. I have tried some of them, and I think they are fun and interesting, but not what I want. Some of them are expensive, very low slung (you’re practically on the ground while riding), and not so practical for non-atheletes. What I want is something that’s super easy to get in and out of, that’s fun to sit on while standing still, that’s high up enough to be safe around cars, and that is fun to ride slow. I want something for life, not for sport, and there’s not much competition in this niche. There is another interesting comfort-oriented bent trike, the Hase Leupus, from Germany.

      Beware that sometimes enthusiast cults get lost in fantasy. The enthusiasm in the bent trike world sometimes reminds me of what happened with high-end consumer audio. Superstitions crowded out reality. People started to spend insane money on audio cables with impossible physical properties.

      Even though the USX is ridiculed by some hard-core bent bike enthusiasts, it is an important product, even aside from the low price.

      Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:
      Dotan Alabama

      A big help with my weight loss

      <p>So I have had my Sun USX Trike for over two years and almost rider it every day. This trike has changed my life all for the better. When I got my trike I weighed 420 Lbs. which is slightly over the max capacity of 400 Lbs. I had a health scare that help motivate me to lose weight and start eating healthier. My wife was a big help with all her support which help motivate me to get out and rider my trike on the days I did not feel like riding. I have lost 100 Lbs and feel so much healthier, my wife does not have to motivate me any longer, I love to go ride my trike and I know it has been such a big part in helping me loose the weight. The trike is very sturdy and has performed well. I tried a Tadpole style trike and I felt it was two difficult for me at when I purchased my USX but I am sure now I could rider either style of trike. After my first set of tires wore out I replaced them with Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tires which have been fantastic, no flats. I did have to replace my mesh seat back which ripped and the fabric on my seat is starting to look a bit worn, but I realize I am a bit rougher because of my size that the average trike rider.</p>

      Charlotte North Carolina

      Quality Heavy Duty Recumbent

      <p>I purchased the Sun USX HD trike over the summer. I need a heavy duty trike that would handle my weight (390 Lbs) and be able to be ridden on a gravel road. What attracted me to the trike was the heavy duty wheel with extra spokes, wider tire than other trike and a shock absorber in the center of the frame which does a nice job at smoothing out the bumps. I also like the Delta designed trikes more than the Tadpole design that I tested because the Delta trike are easier to get on and off of. The Gel seat and adjustable back rest makes this trike very comfortable. The components are good enough for my riding style and I thought the price was very reasonable for a heavy duty recumbent.</p>


      <p>It has to be the best bike for a senior. I'm 67 with a herniated disc bad shoulders morbidly overweight (well.....350lbs). I am lazy. Sometimes when I ride.......people walking will pass me by. Of course I only ride on, nice bike paths, but if you gear down to the lowest gear, you can ride just fine on most dirt paths or grass. Sand may give you problems, but so far, I have never had any problems. The only thing I have to figure out is how to rig a cup holder on my handlegrips....I have gone up a fairly steep paved hill, only my weight and physical condition slowed me down, but I made it up the hill just fine.</p>